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Dear STEEM Community,

We are hereby announcing the introduction of is an awesome platform that provide the service for the purchase of over 400 Domain Names and Website Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting and SSL Certificates accepting Steem and Steem Dollar Only for payment.

We are very glad to be bringing this platform to all Steemians after lots of time has been put into providing quality service to the community members.

SteemServer is a team of experienced technical member with vast of knowledge on domains, web design, development and hosting. We are here to support the growth of our customers web experience.



Promotional offer only available for Annual, Biennially and Triennially hosting purchase only. 

Currently, the following are the features of the services provided.


REGISTER and TRANSFER over 400 Domain Names with ease.


Start your website today by purchasing any of our web hosting plans


We know you love WordPress and we support WordPress for every start-up.


Start making money by reselling to you customers.


Make your website trusted by visitors by installing SSL - Secure Sockets Layer. Its becoming mandatory that websites have SSL to ovoid being flagged by the browser.

We offer Ticket 24/7 and Live Chat 24/7 to our Customers.

All can be purchased instantly with Steem and Steem Dollar Only.


Promotional offer only available for Annual, Biennially and Triennially hosting purchase only. 

Please follow us at @steemserver to get as we will be bringing news and update of how to create and manage a good website for personal and business use. 

Kindly RESTEEM to get this message to everyone.

Thank you,



A bit late but resteemed anyway. Always looking for ways to not use fiat money.

@mkt Thank you for the comment and resteem. Kindly help inform everyone on STEEM about the new innovation called
Once again. Thank you.

Hey guys, This can be great service for the platform and ecosystem! I would suggest additional services like, enable quick database setups, for example if user choses SQL then simple commands or ready to replicate SQL database of Steem blockchain, if MySQl or MongoDB, similar service which I am sure would be really useful to many start building applications on top of Steem platform using steemservers.

A: One-click WordPress + Steemit Embed plugin service

B: One-click Steem Witness Node service

A winning combination.


We will carefully look into your comments and suggestions. Meanwhile, need to ensure that we manage our current services with great customer satisfaction. As time goes on innovation will be on the increase. We thank everyone.

I've decided to resteem this post to get some more attention for services that allow you to pay with Steem and Steem Dollars. I would guess that it is a white label service and what is really being facilitated here is the payment via Steem and SBD. Readers should do their own due diligence.

@demotruk Thank you and remain blessed. We are also expecting you to be one of our customers soonest. Remain Blessed.

What made you choose Steem for this purpose? Is it an additional front end to an existing retailer?

Promoting Steem and Steem Dollar. Steem Maximalist is what we are doing.

@demotruk We are bringing quality web hosting to the steem community and tahts whey we are only accepting STEEM AND STEEM DOLLAR Only. We appreciate if you can help resteem. Thank you.

Who is running the service? As a retailer there is an element of trust involved. I can resteem it if I know the public personality of the owner of the service and feel it's safe to do so.

@demotruk thank you.
The service is being being run by the team leader @bewajijohnson and others.

We have been providing quality web development and hosting service for over 7years.

We have our uptime hosting server located in New Jersey quality technical specialist.

Johnson is privileged to have receive the award of Microsoft Windows Insider Award 2017 for the commitment to providing web applications called SalesBrisk.

We found STEEM as a community that contribute to the sharing of ideas, knowldege and skills of others in writing and want to ensure we also get our commitment to the community.

We know that everyone will want to have a website for personal and business purposes and by accepting STEEM it will be easier for the steem community tonne involved.

We hope you understand the basic information needed. Quality Service is our watchword.

Please chat up on

@demotruk Thank you. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for resteem. Thanks in Advance

Thanks. I can see what you're saying about the owner is true. Can you tell me the name of the company that provided hosting services for 7 years? I think this is the key point that would give credibility to the service.

Thank you @demotruk
The great great company providing the service behind @steemserver is CEMMEY INC please check on
We provide the web design, development and hosting service for our client via the client portal.

Thank you for all the inquiries. Awesome Information Digging. Thank you.

Welcome to Steem @steemserver I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Is your server no longer working? We wanted to add it to our server rankings:

hello @SteemServer, we will be publishing a news report about you soon!

@blockrush Thank you. We will also appreciate your resteem too.

This is amazing, it is incredible to see the amount of innovation that takes place within the Steemit community! Check out my post about the platform!

@debraycodes Thank you. We appreciate your resteem. Once again thank you.

This is quite interesting. I like the shift. Since you've dedicated the domain name of your service to STEEM, it'd be great to see the price in STEEM as well. It's an overhead as the price of STEEM is not dynamic but it would reach out to far larger audience who do not use the USD as their native currency.

@isteemit We appreciate your comments and we have also taught about that but what we have done is that for every order that is made, STEEM and STEEM DOLLAR will be the ONLY payment collection method .

An automated currency converter from USD ot current STEEM/STEEM DOLLAR rate is used in the payment system.
We are encouraging the spending of STEEM and STEEM DOLLAR without conversion to Bitcoin or FIAT Currency before being spent.

We will also appreciate if you can help resteem this post. @isteemit Thanks in advance.

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Just amazing news! Thank you so much for doing this great service!!

Good time to be vested!!!

Just weeks ago I switched my server provider to work with annual billing. Well that's too bad.

I will be waiting for some big users' feedback before trying out your services. My website is far from being done anyway but if your reputation turns out to be good, you will definitely see me buying from you ! Resteemed it by the way ! ;)

Cool, nice options! I'll keep this in mind. Considering putting up a small new website as a spinoff of my Steemit posts, this might be a good way forward.

Nice article

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