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Hello! Goodnight / Goodmorning, friends.
First of all, I don't really know how to introduce myself 🙃

So, I'll just list some facts about me (If anyone cares)

Fact #1: I make music, a music producer, I write & I do vocals (Multiple Genres)

Fact #2: I'm kind of an introvert, a loner or whatever. But, I think if we get to know each other, who knows? We might become close friends with time!
(I'd love to meet like-minded new friends)

Fact #3: I'm broke! 😅

Fact #4: I've been struggling with Severe Anxiety & Depression for more than 3 years now. I'm coping, always trying to get better, with the help of my music, the only thing that keeps my mind busy and makes me feel alive again when I'm at worst!
(I'm not trying to be dramatic here... I'm Just stating facts)

Fact #5: I wear a mask, I don't really know why but it makes me feel safe, also makes some people think I'm a creep or something 🙃

BTW: You can call me Gee!



You wear a mask always, or when creating photos and videos to share with us?

Hi, @zafarouk!

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