Introducing Post CPS Media and our Token on Steem-Engine

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Hello Steemcommunity today we will introduce CPS Media

We are an Internet Agency with a long History (2005-2020).I´m the CEO and have only post here privately so far.
My Name is Andreas Schliewenz and i believe, some have known me for a long Time under my name Gysmo on Steemit, Hive, Appics, Facebook, Instagram,Twitter oder Uhive.
I´m a Steemit Member since 2017 my Steemitaccount is @gysmo I go new Ways with my Internet Agency and create Opportunities for Users around the World to participate in my Success.
I have seen many new Trends, Changes and Technologies over the Years. And i am of the Opinion that many of them have changed our Lives today positivly.
Despite all the good things we have today, there are still many People who have nothing and are characterized by Poverty.
I am very grateful for my Life so far and would like to give something back to those who were not as lucky as me.
I have a great team that inspires me every day and I certainly don't have anything to give away either and I also have to pay employees and bear responsibility.
But nevertheless i would like to make other people happy too.
That's why I restructured my Agency and am now trying to implement this through the Token System from Steem Engine, which I would like to integrate into my Agency.
First of all for the Skeptics among you. Tha´t is no Attempt to take anything away from anyone or to cheat.I don't need this and would like to keep my good Reputation.
I worked on the Concept with my Team for a long Time and I am convinced that together we can achieve a little more for everyone.
You can get all the information you need on our website everything is explained in detail there and I think everyone understands the concept.
I have activated the Token, you can find it under Symbol CPS and everyone is welcome to participate. But before you do so, please inform yourself in detail on our Homepage
Our Homepage also offers a Community System which serves to get to know new People, to receive valuable Support from us about new Technologies.Nobody is forced to do anything,that he doesn't want.
A Registration does not oblige you to anything and can be deleted at any Time.
Of course, my Team and I would be delighted if you took Advantage of our Offer and walked our Way with us together.
We are here together on your Side.
A few last very important Words… we are real People and run a real Business and we are just as interested in a successful Cooperation as you are. If you have any Doubts about it, please do not use our Service.

I will share this Post on my Account @gysmo even after it has been published so that you can see that it is from me personally.
And Please, if you want to support us at the Start, we would be happy if you share this post and follow us Thanks

I thank you for your Attention.
I wish you a nice Weekend and I look forward to hearing from you.
yours Andreas Schliewenz alias @gysmo CEO and Owner of the CPS Media Agency


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