How to awaken, develop intuition in a child and at the same time.

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In this article you will learn:
How does the "sixth sense" appear
How to check a child’s intuition
Mistakes in education, blocking the "sixth sense" in children
How to interest a child to develop intuition
Intuition Development Exercises
When and why does the inner voice fail

We visited with a friend, her daughter played a computer game: on the seabed are shells on which subtraction and addition examples are written, among them is a small fish with a number. To find mother fish, she needs to swim to the shell with that example, the answer to which is written on the number plate. My 3-year-old kid stuck to an exciting story, worried about the fate of the fry: he was loudly happy when he found his mother and worried when there was no one behind the shell, because of which the fry began to cry in the game. The son also wanted to play.

The little mistress hospitably gave way, explaining: before you click on the shell with your mouse, decide an example. Naturally, the son didn’t understand anything, because he didn’t even know how to count to 10. He sat down at the game, quickly mastered the control of the “mouse” ... and the fish found her mother unmistakably over and over again. "It's not fair! He doesn’t think, he just guesses! ”- the girl pouted her lips.

“Yes, he just guesses - intuition!”, Adults summarized, including teachers and psychological colleagues, who were told about this incident. Since then, I have become very interested in the topic of intuition, its development and application. What I hasten to share.

It's never too late: the development of intuition in children and their parents
This material is mainly for those who are expecting a baby or already reading fairy tales by the crib. After all, the smaller the calf, the easier it is to help him learn to hear intuition. The article is also useful for adults - practice - it’s never too late to learn and develop!

Intuition is an entertaining phenomenon, philosophers and mystics, psychologists, physicists, neuroscientists and other scientists pay attention to it. Scientific works and dubious blog articles have been written about her. Summarizing, we conditionally divide them into two “currents”:

Adheres to the version: intuition is like a sixth sense, “hosh is not hosh”, but lives in a person and breaks out with irrational clues. He lives in the right hemisphere, where there is creativity, emotions. But in this case, why not everyone “sees” the winning lottery ticket ?!
He considers intuition a cocktail of knowledge, skills, life experience, the ability to observe, subtly feel, analyze ... Every detail that manages to be printed increases the percentage of successful intuitive (without long thought) decisions. Lives in the left hemisphere, where logic and analysis. However, how then to explain children's intuition ?!
Those who "against the flow" say that intuition is manifested due to the coordinated work of both hemispheres. It is more appropriate to compare it with genius. Two musicians create ingenious works: one reaches genius only through hard study and practice, and the other without straining, simply because music is given to him easily from birth. Intuition is manifested in a similar way: in some people it is congenital, while others will have to work hard to develop it.

So, before you “torment” the baby, observe how developed his intuition. And at the same time, test yourself. How? Guessing game: take 3-5 multi-colored felt-tip pens, or fruit, or photos with portraits of different people, holding one object out of sight (behind your back, for example), suggest guessing it. Note that you need to conduct this or any other test several times in different environments and conditions, as well-being and external circumstances can be interferences.

Where to begin
With yourself! Yes, yes, children come to the family also to teach us lives. You learn new things (whether it be the piano or the practice of lucid dreaming) with your child: the material is better absorbed, family relationships, mutual understanding are strengthened and generally it is fun. The development of intuition - a wonderful joint practice, free, available at home, at any age ?!

Speaking of age, most preschool children do not need to develop intuition in any particular way - they just need to not interfere with their manifestation, suggest how to apply it. So, pay attention to common mistakes in education that block the children's ability to hear and understand the inner voice:

Excessively pushed into rigid unreasonable frames. For example, to force to draw only with your right hand or eat clearly at the time and to the extent that you give.
To ignore, not to take seriously and, even worse, to humiliate or forbid to tell fables and experiences. Unfortunately, some parents dismiss the cub when it wants to tell a dream, fictional stories or tries to express their vision / feeling of an adult situation.
Prohibit expressing feelings, emotions, experiences, expressing opinions or suggestions.
Deceive. Especially in situations where the child intuitively feels the situation, and he is told that he is mistaken (for example, the baby realizes that the mother is upset, but she does not admit - this is not concern, this is a hoax that tells the little man that his inner voice has deceived him).
Shrug off child questions. If you don’t know the answer, say what you need to think or read, but for now you can dream together and then check (we’ll get ahead of this in the practice section).
Educate in greenhouse conditions. It concerns how to protect against troubles and hardships: take care of the baby, but let it be metered and controlled in order to be in a stressful situation, teach how to overcome difficulties. This also applies to the environment - the more a little person sees, tries, communicates, the better he develops and has the opportunity to try to use intuition.
Strongly condemn or praise mistakes. A mistake is not terrible, do not swear much.However, a praise of the type “so what, what’s wrong, but at least did something” is also the wrong reaction, because the child must understand that you need to try not to make mistakes, sometimes a mistake can be expensive. Here, parental sensitivity is important, because the reaction and formulation strongly depends on the baby's age, temperament and situation. In any case, do not go to extremes!
Develop fears and complexes. You intuitively understand. Do not impose fears on children (including their own) and do not focus on shortcomings. These "cockroaches" interfere with intuition.
Intuition Development Exercises
ABOUT! There are a great many of them! But first tune in, take practice with ease: responsibly, but not too seriously. Do not build illusions and expectations as “should be”. If you are not fascinated, then you will not have to be disappointed.

Preschool child? Do exercises only when playing, in no case do not force through I do not want to - it is useless. Such kids can not be told at all about either intuition or the fact that games are training. Although, you know your child better, it may be more interesting for him to carry out “tasks” on the contrary.

Already a schoolboy? Will have to captivate and motivate. For example, to clarify that a person’s capabilities are not limited by the senses - if you don’t see or hear something, it doesn’t mean that it is inaccessible - you can know it using the “sixth sense”. Or offer to develop intuition in the future to guess questions of control and exams. What else can I say, you know better how to pick up a key. Go?! And remember: your task is to smoothly move from a comfort zone to a development zone, but not bring it to a stress zone.

What to do to develop intuition
Train both hemispheres of the brain - imagination, creativity, empathy, intelligence, logical thinking, analysis, gain theory and practice.
Play intuition games daily. Hide and seek, "in which hand", "heads or tails." Do guessing games with different objects and properties (tastes, animals, cards, numbers, emotions).
Try to read each other's thoughts.
Encourage successful attempts. Do not react to unsuccessful ones, or make a little trouble (for example, pinch slightly) - how to act, focus on the age, nature and complexity of the task.
Observe what circumstances (internal and external) affect how the result. For example, a sleeping state increases the number of guesses, and a noisy situation lowers it. Useful to know when to trust intuition, and when out of it a weak helper.
Practice "Information Search" - in a library or bookstore, relaxing, go past the shelves, take a book to which the hand "reaches itself" - feel free to take (buy) and read carefully, there are tips.
Spend several hours with your eyes closed (active, not sitting in meditation).
If the right-handed person, give the left hand part of the duties of the right.
Teach your child to be observant and imagine the characteristics of the subject to be observed.
Teach you to feel by focusing on your inner sensations, rather than looking down at the deck of cards.
Be attentive to yourself, try to listen to the prompts of the body. Make it a habit to periodically “scan” your condition. And ask the child what he feels, what he thinks about, if he doesn’t care, perhaps for some apparent reason there are certain sensations.
When and why intuition fails
This is less common with children than with adults. Kids are mistaken when they worry, get tired or play the "guessing game" reluctantly. By the way, it will be useful for you and the child: if you do not know what to do, what to choose, ask the child. But do not appeal to knowledge or reflection: “say what to do,” “how you think,” and formulate the question so that the baby gives out a version without hesitation.Do not be afraid to trust intuition - the fear that not relying on the mind suppresses the inner voice and leads to an analysis of circumstances.

Adults have much more blocks that muffle the voice of intuition. First, mistakes happen if you have already weighed a choice, and then you decide to appeal to intuition. It is necessary to substitute an ear to an internal voice BEFORE you have time to think.

Secondly, the “sixth sense” brings those who live a strange life, imposed by ideals and stereotypes. This happens when a person is immersed in series, reality shows, social networks or the life of bloggers. Even worse, if he instills other people's ideals in children. A person gets used to comparing himself with life on the other side of the screen (and it is often “licked” to look good) and unlearned how to feel, gives in to manipulation, becomes a puppet of society. But you need to be (yourself), and not seem (someone perfect).
Thirdly, self-deception, the habit of simulating, imitating, entering an image, playing a role, interfere. Being a hostage to such a way of life, it is impossible to recognize your true feelings, to distinguish them from the internal dialogue.

Get rid of this behavior and do not teach this to children. You will succeed!

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