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Inventions are brilliant.

A single invention can help change the way of living of millions of people. All inventions come from a single germ of an idea which grows into countless attempts until the sweet fruit of invention is attained.

But that isn't always the case. There are also countless inventions that we use daily that are a product of just ingenious thought and successful failures.

A few examples of these successful failures are:

  • Potato Chips :images (1).jpeg
    A lesson turned into one of the most beloved snacks of all time. Wanting to teach a lesson to an annoying customer who kept sending back his soggy French fried potatoes, New York chef George Crum sliced his potatoes extra thin, drowned them in salt and fried them to a crisp. To his dismay (I imagine), the customer liked them and potato chips were born.
  • Coca Cola :images.png
    One of the world’s most beloved drinks was never intended to be more than just a medication by pharmacist John Pemberton. (P. S. It also included cocaine on its original list of ingredients)
  • Ice cream cones :images (2).jpeg
    All of us love ice cream, but we especially love the crunch and taste of the cone mixed with the texture of the ice cream. It really is heavenly. But do you know that the ice cream cone was invented when in the 1904 World Fair, an ice cream stall ran out of plates so they decided to roll up the waffles from the nearby waffle stand and serve ice cream in them?
  • Microwave :images (3).jpeg
    We can't imagine a modern day kitchen without a microwave in it. And the credit goes to a Navy radar specialist who was experimenting with microwave emitters when he felt the chocolate bar in his pocket melting. And well, a melted chocolate, is who we truly have to thank for revolutionising our kitchens forever.

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