Coming Up With an Invention

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Inventions are a major part of our daily lives, even if you don't notice it. Some of them, like the car and the computer, completely changed the world. Others, while fun and interesting, are not so practical. More invention ideas with the ability to benefit the user come from one of four different areas.

Inventions to make common tasks easier

The most consumed inventions are those reducing the amount of work or time it takes to complete the tasks. People want products that will save them time and effort doing their daily tasks. This type of thinking brought into existence microwaves, cappuccino makers, AI assistants and most of all a person uses daily. Any thought that shortens time, does something for you or does a complicated task practically without effort can bring a fortune.

Inventions to solve their own personal problems

Robert Jarvik designed the artificial heart after his father died of heart disease. The refrigerator was invented to preserve the life of food. Problems can be a great source of inspiration for inventors. Take what gives you mistakes or is a problem in your life and go to the local coffee shop and start telling people about it. Chances are people have the same problems. Invent the solution to their problems or complaints and you will probably have a highly profitable product.

Inventions to fix problems in one’s community

Problems experienced by large groups or communities provide a large area for inventions. Louis Braille had a failed idea for sending coded messages at night and turned it into a system that allows blind people, himself included, the ability to "read" with their fingers.

Extensions or revisions of existing inventions

Some of the most useful inventions are not original ideas at all. The Dyson ball is a useful idea, but the company didn't invent the vacuum. The inventions are a revision of the original idea. Many new inventors start here. Think of ways to improve what you use every day.

Do you have an idea?

Having an invention idea is great, but if you ever want to make it commercially viable, you need to have an approved patent.

According to the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), patents are a title that recognizes the right to exclusively exploit an invention, preventing others from manufacturing, selling or using it without the owner's consent. In return, the patent is made available to the public for general knowledge.

In this sense we must understand that they are the only valid means to prove ownership of an idea or concept of industrial application. Patents are property titles and as such they allow the inventor to carry out negotiations based on the total or partial session of the exploitation rights of the idea that the patent is protecting.

It can protect a new procedure, a new device, a new product or a refinement or improvement of the same. Its processing includes the realization of a review report to the current patents registered in the world called: State of the Art Report.
If you think you are up for filing a patent, be sure to look for possible matches using various patent search engines:

  • USPTO – Patent registration & search engine in the United States.
  • Espacenet: patent locator of the European Patent Office
  • Patentscope: allows searches on 83 million patent documents
  • Google Patent: The Google patent search engine.

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