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RE: "You Don't Win With Money By Accident" - Why Budgeting Your Money Is So Important Today

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Do not take it badly, you talk about the benefits in this publication and do not know how to invest in steemit bots, you should read a little. Regards!


Would love to hear more specifically what you're talking about and any advise you might have

I recommend that you invest in bots that give you good profits, that you have invested 21 SBD in this publication and that you only receive 23 SBD is equal to lose, the Steemit bots page is called Steem Bots Tracker and there you can see which bots can give you the best benefit, luck and success!

yes I am well aware of the steemit bot tracker site and use it frequently, I would say a 2 sbd and 6 SP profit is quite the opposite of a lose. I could spend more time waiting for a more profitable bid opportunity but I usually just go with a decent one and call it a day, everyone has their own strategies though.

As you invest a good amount of SBD, you do not lose, those that lose are those that start with Steemit and invest smaller amounts.
But it's also your account, your money and you can do what you want. luck!