Our Crypto Space (Bitcoin , Steem , EOS , the upcoming Elyte ) is winning and former haters are joining the Vibe!!!

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Do you remember all the FUD against Bitcoin ( from Peter Schiff , Jamie Dimon , Buffet , Cuban etc) , steem and other crypto currencies from haters and governments in fear of losing the evil spell / grip they hold on all of us ? , then we all should celebrate the success of bitcoin and future success of steemit (come next year, so keep buying and powering up).
Jamie Dimon (CEO JP Morgan Chase ), is ( or was) one of the biggest hatters of cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin (called it a fraud and that people who invest in it are stupid) and a real example of the saying´: If you Can’t beat them, you join them.´ reason is that Jamie Dimon´s JPMorgan is getting into bitcoin futures trading even though he considers it a fraud (Lol).

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This reminds me of people calling steem and steemit a scam however secretly investing because they know that the future of steem ecosystem is very bright (will moon from next year after the implementation of SMT and HardFork 20)…here are some points to note:

Bitcoin is and will remain King: Bitcoin is the king and will remain king against all odds- reason is that most crypto currencies successes are from bitcoin.

Steem will reign: steem will reign as king -especially the crypto social media space come next year after the implementation of SMT tokens and Hard fork 20 (read my older posts for more reasons). So for those with some cash, do not forget to buy steem and power up.

The next best thing: The upcoming Ethereum Lyte (Elyte) will be the next best thing and will create wealth for those who see the light now and join the community including their air drops (get the tokens for free) plus their upcoming white list. Reason: upcoming innovative projects , solid team members , 1 Million total supply (lesser circulation supply). Website and white paper will be released soon.
Here is google form link to get your free tokens : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScruKz4v2Q2p44PEe3b2YtfwPOcZuQv-x8yM2SJpZBbaXIbYA/viewform
Act fast before its too late….

Do you agree that steem will reign soon? Send in your comments please would you up vote my post in order to send in your support, click follow in order to see future posts from me on your feed and resteem in order to share this post with your followers.

For those who want to be an investor in Bitcoin wallet see X coins link: https://xcoins.io/investors?r=v93e2z


Thanks, for this reassurance... especially with Bitcoin crashing from 11.5k to 8.5k just now.

As a writer, I hope to invest in Steem(it)

Great, hope many investors move back to altcoin...see my latest post for a great video bounty

The crypto world as a whole is growing!

Good point, I agree

Another great post my friend ! Steem will one day be huge , were heading to the moon !! I just cant believe that Bitcoin hit ove 9,000.000 ITS CRAZY !!! upped and resteemed!
We will All be Laughing all the way to the bank one day !!!

Haha thanks !!👍👍👍💰💲💰💲💰💲

Going to 5 figures Karen!!!

Yippee !!!!😀😀😀

You are right....thanks for your comment and resteem...more success

Thanks ! For you too my friend !👍👍👍

welcome and more success

great post as aways @charles1
i sent a post just yesterday that bitcoin passed $9k mark and before you know it , it was almost $10k! steem price is also rising gradually as such now best time to buy as its still affordable.. I just got my Elyte free tokin via the airdrop link and i see it as the next big thing come 2018! information is power. thanks for sharing this info. upvoted and resteeming

welcome and thanks

always welcome too and keep steeming hot

Very good post and am glad to partake in the elyte airdrop ...resteemed. Ty's for sharing

Good , hope the application was easy, I wish you success.

Cool, I applied for the airbomb and resteemed this post. Hopefully it will be a big kick start of the coin!

airbomb? I didnt share any airbomb!!!Police!!!!!

Airdrop, airbomb.. Bring in the shelters!!

Hahahahah I agree...see my latest post for a great video bounty

Was not aware of Elyte, will look into that. Good to see you back, my friend!

Use the form to apply asap for free airdrop before the end of the air drop...remaining 5% to go...share with your crypto friends too...it will be the next best thing. Thanks bud. I am still not active however have you on my steemvotter.com ...working on a project.

Thanks for the info.... I see your votes, appreciate you my friend..... Work that project, and get that money. :)

Hiyaaaaaaaaaa my friend , wish you well too. See my latest post for a great elyte bounty...join and make money...bless you.

just joined your elyte airdrop, resteemed.

welcome and success to you

I'm hoping y'all are right about STEEM price... I been saving and powering up every opportunity I get..

The price will growing again!


Good move...steem will surely do well next year...

I’m new, so basically hitting that power up button is the way to go? I’m not sure where to put things yet! Steem, Dollars, Power.

yeaaaa!!!! I'm holding onto Steem and Bitcoin! :)

Use the form to apply asap for free Elyte airdrop before the end of the air drop...remaining 5% to go...share with your crypto friends too...it will be the next best thing. Thanks bud. I am still not active however have you on my steemvotter.com ...working on a project.

Good and smart girl...more success . As a talented lady, see my latest post for a great video bounty

good project, joined your landing elyte

Great and success to you

I believe Steem will go up also.

excellent work as always dear friend @ charles1, my congratulations,
very good information and point of view. Without a doubt, Steem will reign and lead the social platform.
Bitcoin do not stain against reigning forever in the critofrafico world.
I wish you a great day

welcome my friend...more success

Cheers for the airdrop link!

welcome , hope it was easy to access

Sure was, signed up in a jiffy!

Hahahaha good one...hope you´ve gotten your token....

I believe in the future of steem

Same here....success

what is good about it?

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Excellent post, thanks man!

what is excellent about he post?

It is true that speculation or resistance to changes, I believe a negative opinion does of the cryptomonedas. But something good will have, because you are gaining confidence as a currency. As steemt is a project that promises a lot in the future, each day grows more and promises to reach the summit.

Good point, thanks for your comment

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good project hopefully run smoothly and success

which project?

thanks bro

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I definitely agree that Steem will rein soon ! Early next year , like you say after the SMT and hard fork 20 . Im on my way to check out your link for the free tokens of Elyte . And see more what its about . Sounds good !👊👍👊👍👊👍👊

The link you left for Elyte says it is no longer taking air drop application / responses . !? Not sure what that means or you have a different link .thanks @charles1 !

I sent you the link on steemit chat before release to the public!!! didnt you apply? awwwwwww it ended yesterday...however see my latest post, resteem and join the telegram for the video bounty

I either didn't see it or forgot about it because im so damn busy these days LOL! Plus I seldom check out my steemit chat because to many bother me there for up votes and resteems . I don't understand these things well as its all new to me and its just not my strongest thing to do , I find it all very confusing unless its easily explained . I don't know what a video bounty is or even how to make a video . LOL! I already seen your last post and upped and resteemed as well as commented there . Thanks

Guess you forgot about it..however next time I will contact you via your steemit post

OK no worries my friend ! Thanks a bunch for trying , your awesome !!👍👍👍

Welcome ...more success 👍👍👍

Yes, they stooped yesterday..awwwwww thought you applied

This is airdrop?