Welcome to the Investors Club: Week 3 Highlights

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This was a week of refinement here at @investorsclub:

Automation of Upvoting - we wanted to automate the upvoting for our members so it is automatically done at a time to maximize their benefit in terms of impacting the Hot and Trending lists. Lets say we have version 1 of this running supplemented with manual effort - still a few kinks to work out to get it exactly how we want it.

Busy.org - One of our members posted about how using the Busy interface to post could attract upvotes from 2 bots. Since upvotes increase our Steempower and the value of the upvotes our members receive - we wanted to test it out. We have been posting through Busy.org for about 4 days now, but have not been visited by their bots yet. We will keep an eye on this and let you know when it kicks in for us.

Parley.io - another member shared their experience using Parley. We are going to test this and post an article about investing each week or so. We have started testing this but frequently get an "Assert Exception" error reported when we try to use the service

Curation Trail- We set up a curation trail for our supporters to join - this boosts the upvotes our members receive for their investment related posts

Introduction to the Investors Club

  • Are you an investor?
  • Do you share your research and investment ideas on Steemit?
  • Do you honestly report what investments have worked and (just as importantly) what have not worked for you?
  • Will you use the #investorsclub tag for investing related posts?
  • Do you think the investing community deserves better promotion in the steem blockchain?
  • Would you like to participate in some fun competitions?
  • Would you like to get additional votes for your posts published with the #investorsclub tag?
  • Would you like to get more exposure for your investing posts?

If so, please, read the following:

Why an Investors Club on the Steem Blockchain?

Posts are permanent- a writer cannot go back and alter it 6 months later if the investment did not work out. This means we can look at the past posts from a writer and see how successful they have been? Did their logic hold true or was it flawed? Did they have a unique insight? Were they on the leading edge or lagging the big moves?
Big opportunities in small companies/markets - since most of the professional investment research community is focused on big companies in big markets, I suspect there may be more opportunities to find mis-pricing in smaller companies and smaller markets. Wouldn't it be great to discover an Investor Club writer that is really good at identifying those mis-priced stocks?
Global opportunities - There are lots of countries that you could invest in - but most of us invest close to home because we do not know those countries well enough. Wouldn't it be great to find an Investor Club writer who proves to you they are able to identify good opportunities in other countries. You may be able to increase your returns and your diversification.
Different types of investments - Stocks, bonds, ETFs, real estate, collectables, art, rare coins, currencies (fiat and crypto), the list goes on. There are lots of things to invest in - wouldn't it be great to attract experts in each of these areas and learn from them.
Best investment strategies - There are lots of different investment strategies. Lets discuss the pros and cons of each and see which work the best.

Why would anybody share good investment ideas?

Portfolio Diversification - for most investors, there is a limit to how much money they are willing to dedicate to any single investment. Once they reach that limit, why not share the idea?

Limited Investment Funds - when I was at university, I had plenty of time to research stocks and found some nice opportunities - but I had limited funds. A few hundred dollars was all I could afford to invest in each opportunity - so there was plenty of room for others to take advantage of the opportunities I had uncovered.

Building a Resume - what better way to enhance your resume, if your are trying to break into or advance your career in the investment industry, then building up a portfolio of research stored on the Steem Blockchain (so it cannot be altered) to prove the quality of your research to a prospective employer.

Independence- a goal of the Investors Club is to help good researchers build an independent income stream from the Steem Blockchain to be able to provide truly independent research in their posts.

Investor Club Member Benefits

Upvotes - on your investment posts tagged #investorsclub. Each upvote is currently worth approx. $0.18SBD and we hope this increases as the Investors Club grows. Only 1 upvote per member per day. Spam will not be upvoted.
Higher ROI - sharing good research ideas may speed the time for the share prices to correct. The shorter the time, the higher your ROI.
Better Distribution of Your Posts - your investment posts tagged #investorsclub will be resteemed by Investors Club. Spam will not be resteemed. This will help you build your followers.
Reputation- a track record of good investment ideas will enhance your reputation in the investment community.
Get paid for you research - the beauty of the Steem Blockchain is it allows good content creators to build another income stream.

How to join Investors Club

  • Send your membership dues to @investorsclub
  • Leave a comment on this post saying you have transferred your membership dues
  • You will be included in the "CURATION LIST" and be eligible for upvotes from @investorsclub, "Low quality" (SPAM) posts will not be upvoted.
  • Follow the TAG guidelines for the Investors Club when posting e.g. use the #investorsclub tag and the stock symbol as tags

Introductory Special - Big savings for early members

The 2018 membership dues will be 5 Steem. But to celebrate the launch of the Investors Club, you can join during the next week for only 4 Steem. So join today by sending 4 STEEM to @investorsclub. With the upvote value currently around SBD$0.18 - you could earn your membership dues back with your first 30 posts.

Membership Dues will be invested to boost Investors Club STEEM POWER which will help increase the value of the Upvote members receive for their investing posts. (currently about SBD$0.18)

Other Ways you can Support the Investors Club

Donate - donations will be invested to increase STEEM POWER.
Delegate STEEM POWER - will increase the value of upvotes and provide higher rewards for good investment research
Curate - Join our curation list. This will add your support directly to the posts tagged with #investorsclub that we resteem.
Resteem this post - and encourage your followers to join.
**Follow us^^ - simply following us will help boost the value of the upvotes we receive from the Busy Bots. As you know, we then reinvest the proceeds of those upvotes to increase the value we can add to investment related ads.

STEEM Community benefits from a successful Investors Club
Many investors are conservative by nature. They have heard of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, but have not invested because they do not understand it. By attracting these investors to the Investors Club on Steemit, they will learn about the STEEM crypto currency, use it as they participate in Steemit, see the price of STEEM and start to value it, and when they feel comfortable and recognize STEEM as a good investment - possibly invest in STEEM.

Investor or not, we would really appreciate your support to make the Investors Club a success.

No matter how appealing it sounds, every investment contains risk. Some a lot more then others. Please read the Investors Club Disclaimer.

PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE, before you invest a penny, make sure you do your own independent research and obtain the necessary financial, tax, and legal advice to satisfy yourself as to the wisdom of the investment and its suitability to your particular situation. A post, resteem, link, or comment from @investorsclub is not an endorsement as to the accuracy, wisdom, or suitability of any investment or strategy.


You guys have done a great job thus far.

Thank you.

FYI: there is an esteem desktop app that gives free upvotes as well.

Thanks. Just checked it out - but it says your Reputation has to be below 31:

"reputation should be higher than ~31"


Is this what you were referring to or am I looking at the wrong thing?

Yep, the only con is you have to download the program whether for desktop or mobile posting. Other than that you quailfy 😀

Hi @investorsclub,
Is it possible that you missed my latest portfolio update post? It didn't get an upvote.


Hey Peter,

Welcome back - looks like you have been having a lot of fun based on your posts.

I am travelling/conferencing this week, so I am a little slower then normal. I automated as much as I could before I left - but I still need to do the manual check to make sure nothing was missed.

You should be all set now - let me know if not.

Thanks for your support.


No problem Phil.
We all also have an offline life, which for most of us brings in the money, and most of us also have a family. So I can fully understand.
I am not making it easier for you, cause I do normally only one post per week with the investorsclub tag.

The weekend away, was just a blast!

I sent in the dues, but it was for last weeks amount. Would that still be able to count?

Yep - I am processing it now for you.

Welcome aboard

Hello! I'm as new as you, let's develop together. We can achieve a lot if we act together. I followed you, and you follow me. ;

That not how it works. Please refrain from asking for follows or you shall get a flag.
Read this: https://steemit.com/advice/@sames/my-advice-to-newbies