Nothing too exciting

I have been involved with the whole Zclassic/ Bitcoin Private fork and it's been a complete let down. At some point, I decided that I would remove what I had invested and only mine Zclassic in anticipation of the fork. I managed to mine a whopping 15% of a Zclassic coin and very nearly lost the private key for it. Well, I finally found the private key and imported my free 15% of a BTCP coin, slightly exciting. I didn't think much of it until it seems like not one exchange is going to pick it up besides Trade Satoshi, or they haven't announced it at least. So I have 15% zcl stuck on Bittrex and 42% of a BTCP coin waiting for some exchange to pick up. It's still a gamble, but due to bittrex policies I can't cash out ZCL until it increases in value. All this crap is getting out of hand, don't trust these forks. These forks are not the same as they used to be. On the other hand I think Steem's SMT's are going to be revolutionary. Anway, that's all I could think to rant about after just waking up. Hope you have a great one!


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The rollout for BTCP was legit cat shit! The fact that people were trading on kucoin for $850+, without it being open to the "public" is just dumb. In there telegram I made a comment regarding this as the bot in the chat kept saying "trading available on kucoin" when it wasn't. I lit into him and he updated the bot and wouldn't give me a straight answer as to how kucoin is only open to users who stored BTC on the site. Seems like some insider trading to me... "hey bob let me know when you are going to open trading for BTC holders on our site... i'll sell for $850 and then we'll close trading".... These forks are just getting out of hand with money hungry idiots.

The fact that they opened trading without deposits or withdrawls then closed it... and apparently BTCP is filing an application to be listed on their exchange makes no sense and proves that none of these shady exchanges can be trusted. Bittrex, kucoin... and others have done this before and I'm sure they will do it again.

BTCP is blownout... at least for now :)


“don't trust these forks”

That is all you need to know. There has to be a good reason for a fork to exist. Most forks are just attempts are collecting come cash.

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