Invest with me to get 20% per year

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Invest with me to get 20% per year while I do all the work for you. Monthly payouts. My earnings comes from whatever excess I make. You get paid first I get paid last If any returns are left for me, so I'm motivated to make money for my investors.

Here's how it works:

How do I make money? I make my money by having a crypto casino so you know the house has always the upper hand in the long run due to the odd play in my favor as the owner of the casino...

Why would I ask for investors if I already make money from my casino? Because I'm at a point where the players at my casino are much more that my casino bank can handle what this means is if my casino bank is 10000dollars and someones wants to play with 10000dollars and with 49/100 odds if he wins i go bankrupt even if in the long run I win...obviously I'm not that stupid to let my self go bunkrupt so to not let this happen I have to limit the amount someone plays in one hand to prevent this from happening. This amount is calculated with the kelly critirion for those savy enough with math probalities and who know how it works. However this means my profits stay low and I have slow growth because of this and in exchange not risking my money. Here's where I need you to increase my growth and earnings by increasing my bank amount and giving you a return for it... that's a win win situation, You make money I also make money.

Why do I make montly payouts? Because of the law of big numbers which play in effect at my casino winning at the long run... This means for a week the casino it could lose money but after a month(what I noticed from my experince) it certain that I will make money. So monthly payouts are a resonable timeframe in order not to lose money and be able to give the return I promise.

How I can trust you? You can trust me because of my past posts on from the past where I had a giveaway and everyone took their money.... also you can check my wallet history... everyone got paid and you can check comments and stuff like that... I stopped because it hadden't as much success as I thought and It didn't woth my time since I had to manage the casino and my life also...