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Is it the End?

    Well nobody can give you the exact answer, but yes it was a great week for all cryptocurrency market.  Bitcoin was up 19%, Ethereum was up 32% and Litecoin was up 12% and ripple was up over 38%. Bitcoin did impress by spiking to $8400  over the weekend. And at the moment it looks like its not going to give up the uptrend.

Whats next?

  The charts do not indicate a bull market at all, it looks more like the big boys are taking retail heroes money who don't have enough margin to cover shorts..  But the rise could continue in the next days if not weeks...  If the price starts to rise rapidly, the trend may continue and I would call this an "April bull Run". It happens every year, so PLACE YOUR BETS in the comments ☺️


Legal Disclaimer:  You should not treat any information in the article as a investment advice. Make your own research first and dont invest more than you can afford to lose.


I don't think it will return to prices that are any lower than we saw before Bitcoin's sudden rise the other day. I wouldn't doubt that it could go down a little or sideways for a bit, but I think it should really start to pick up here within the next few weeks, if not earlier, and we'll entire a nice bull run for the summer.

I hope you are right ☺️ The bull run for the summer sound great to me. Hope everyone wll go for the long term now and wont press exit button half way.

Well, it's an interesting question. It could be just the big boys taking the shorters money. We know there is big money waiting on the sidelines, but we don't know whether it's going long, or shorting Btc on the futures market. My sense is that we'll see a bull run soon, but things won't go up in a linear fashion, of course. I think this because I'm hearing lots of positive comments from hedge fund managers, I'm also beginning to think we'll see more and more partnerships like the one Verge are set to announce. The regulators of different countries also seem to be competing with each other to be the most attractive place for Fintech. Barclays and other banks, maybe even corporations like Amazon will probably launch crypto trading platforms.

Great to see positivly thinking people. I hope we will see those announcements in the near future. The Market has been down for to long, all those crypto regulations coming out from korea china or any other country has to stop one day and its goin to be a great bull run.

don't think too much and just hold it, our future will be crypto world 😁😂😀

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