Smart and Stupid money !

in #investment7 months ago


Recently I've watched a gteat video about investment. The guy called the money invested in the top of the chart stupid. I had such mistake a few years ago when I invested in ripple and thought that it will go up. Then I just sold it with a lot of lose and I leaned from that a big lesson. That was a very stupid move from me, but I'm glad I learned from that.

He also called the money invested in the buttom smart. I experienced that as well with lisk when it was new. I baught it for $2 and anfter a few months I sold it with $6. I earned in that time a good amount of money and that was a smart move from me.

So, in my opinion a lot a cryptocurrencies now are in the buttom and it will be good to buy those who are in the buttom in 3 months period. For some reason this period is good to invest in. At least we can make from 10% to 100% easialy. But after all everyone should do his/her own research.