Amazed: was able to SWAP iCash for Pura..HUGE rise in investment!

Hi There,

I am still a bit stunned. As I mentioned a few days ago I missed the coin swap from iCash to Pura, since the site of iCash was not always available it was hard to find a way to contact them. When I found it I asked if it was still possible and after a couple of days I got an answer: send your iCash and I will send you Pura. Happy but still I had to see it f that was true..a couple of days has gone and suddenly I got Pura!! Reminds me to keep a closer look a the announcements of all the coins.

So you got Pura, what does it do for your challenge?

Well while Pura/ Icash was about 2 cents before the swap and now Pura is about 25 cents and since a got quite a few of them my investment got an great boost. This with Ark up and my recent investment Binance Coin almost doubling I am now at an amazing 8.8 bitcoin!! Up about 230% from my start!

Thanks for your time!



@cryptochallenge got you a $1.59 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@cryptochallenge got you a $1.59 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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hello mate, add 40'000 pura more, and you can run a masternode, heard you receive about 1000 pura daily, currently there's only 7 active masternodes. seems that not much people are willing to invest 40k to earn 400$ daily. i mean that 40k goes nowhere, only you have access to it, it stays at your disposal.

Thanks for your suggestion, it would be great indeed! I'll look into it but since the price is rising fast and quite a lot to invest.

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