Got my investment back in lending!

Hi There,

I know Bitconnect has its controversy but hey I decided to invest in it a couple of months ago and this is what I just saw:Knipsel.PNG

Yup got my investment back in USD :) (ok, besides the .5$). For the record, I'd better just kept the bitonnect coins, I bought them in April around $30 and now they are $135. A well if if if... But since I exchanged the lending dollars almost every day into the bitconnect coin I got my investment back (in USD) way back and already transferred it to my cold wallet. The coins I now have I'll just leave on the site for now. But if it is indeed a scam I have my invested money save.

Thanks for your time!


is there any great investment that dosen't have the word SCAM attached to it ?..answer is NO!..people talk a lot of shit for different reasons.. BITCONNECT is the best investment out there in my opinion!..The developers got this one spot on!..totally legit! ..great article @cryptochallenge !

One of the most successful currencies in Tawfiq, my friend

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Yeah lol everybody hates on it... Until they try it 😄😜🎉 Worked very smoothly for me also and I like that they publicly show you how much you're supposed to receive each day!

Good article be careful though!

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