Keeping track of your investment - how do I do it?

Hi There,

Ho do I keep track of my investment? As I mentioned before I made a php file with the amount and price of the coins I own and via an API of coinmarketcap I get how much they are worth. Of course to see it I have to view the file but next to that every hour (and when I access the file) a snapshot is made that gives the total price in BTC as well as in USD. This all is stored in a file so I can see how it fluctuates every hour.

The last couple of days it has been very constant around 5.2 BTC but the recent jump of BTC got some altcoins nervous and it went down to 4.8 BTC.


Thanks for your time!


I like the way you track it. That's a lot of BTC friend. If you split your share than there would be around 3.3mio other investors with you. If you keep this up for the next years then it could be worth multiple 100Ks. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

Thanks! Yes I hope it will grow the coming year(s) till then I just HODL :).

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