Update challenge: ARK now worth more than my start investment.

Hi there,

An update for my investment challenge. Most coins are below the 100% and therefore are worth less than when I started this challenge. However the ones that are over the 100% do make up for that. It started with Crave, which went up to 2100% now, but since I invested so little it did not make that much of a difference. Pura however did, now worth 7.2 bitcoins (3000%+) and they (at Pura) are working very hard to improve the coin/community so a price increase is not ruled out. ARK, a coin which was worth the most when I started, is rising even more. In my last post I mentioned it reached 0.0007 bitcoin, now its high is almost 0.001.
As you can see in the image below it is around 900% now and this makes ARK alone worth more than my start investment of 3.83 bitcoin!



Yes there is more, the image above is not up to date, I am on holiday so I can not update it. I have more bitconnect coins, more STEEM, and more ARK than mentioned in the image. Next to that I invested in Arc (archain.org) which is not mentioned yet (and is still at its presale) and I am working on another coin which I will mention later!

Thanks for your time!


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