Update investment 28th of August: Wild ride.

Hi There,

Last week was a wild ride. My investment was totally dominated by the price of Pura (previously iCash) which went up and down. It went up to 0.00025 and down to just below 0.0001 btc. So my made huge shifts. Pura is a developing coin, has quite some volume that will be noticed by investors, looking forward to witness its progress.

Don't forget other coins!

Although Pura is now my largest part of my investment, other coins are moving to. My second largest investment, ARK, went up to 485% and Spreadcoin made also quite a jump to 470%. Probably because HeliumPay is stirring and you will get the same amount of Helium coins as you have Spreadcoin (if you keep it in the right place). My investment in total? Now up to 13.3 bitcoin, almost 350% up.


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