Update investment sept 17th 2017

Hi there,

An update, for a couple of days I had not data (the API was broke I guess). But now it online again and got some updates. I added 32 (!) ARK which I earned the last month I added 2+ bitconnect coin, 15 STEEM. All profits for just having the coins/loan. Ok I had to upvote or blog on STEEM to get some ut hey that's a great thing to do!
You may have noticed that I subtracted 0.2 bitcoin as well. That's because I bought two more coins, ARC (archain.org) which has no price yet and another, I am setting something up and I'll get back to that when I am done.
hat happened with my coins? Since bitcoin got hit hard, other coins were also hit hard or even harder. I noticed that Stellar is below 20% :/ , but BAT is finally climbing again. (I do miss Halloween coin on my list for some reason).

Thanks for your time!



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