🔥 Are Investments Into STEEM A Good Choice? Data Analysis On 01/17/2021 UTC. 🔥

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This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user x-eclipse has donated 4,900.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction 0577e15bb5c68ce2b71fead824839ce3c95b46bd on 11/18/2020 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user x-eclipse has received from coin-doubler.

111/19/2020154.725 STEEMf084bd2df030fdc57ed7a5fb533ba3d165666bc9
211/20/2020177.001 STEEMbd2a4ef6ff25d22fbfa60296b21394c0f49ddf88
311/21/2020158.040 STEEMf3a6e357f52ecf39b1bc10b0a8ec9625a07f852e
411/22/2020168.999 STEEM4763ffd265be0b410882a8726af9e3f278fc89ef
511/23/2020152.355 STEEMbafb85b4665ef4d3d52e6937ee9f40dfe7c4c983
611/24/2020159.640 STEEM59a1d3e3afae1d791e02e9674629e453076acbe6
711/25/2020149.275 STEEMd0d8c2d67131ad90105baa4cefb7fb878a25b458
811/26/2020156.596 STEEM88407b078fda17f111dcaaacfade3e60cf644e92
911/27/2020188.549 STEEM1431a6ba807fe56a2e895ef368be54f5b7e43bcb
1011/28/2020185.531 STEEM2aebc15da465db1baf65cb2d6f282304fe5eb747
1111/29/2020169.862 STEEM5e9f0eb7a75489d21f64df92e24c5e02951f9ef3
1211/30/2020160.333 STEEMb3501fbf7829ec8c28b5b3a051cbbbfeec196533
1312/01/2020183.882 STEEM675e0237b42e38698d0ffe65b47738d46e81c4f1
1412/02/2020176.044 STEEMccd1092eea48a8b609704fdeac47dece312f34bb
1512/03/2020161.782 STEEMbed0fca131ca404868c4aaa8cbb9cf8aa55d71de
1612/04/2020159.482 STEEM4eea1f118f44545a9cb425c65cdf6d33379a8f74
1712/05/2020181.707 STEEM0611cd7282caeabacdabad46f8ba2d24ff9b9517
1812/06/2020193.947 STEEMae79f8dd3160de1640f4b5c82d7a704f2a30cb06
1912/07/2020164.343 STEEM279e3f750830e667a433eb649a238316c01823c1
2012/08/2020157.436 STEEMef32667aecae011a8e05a4c55f170fd59ee8b5ab
2112/09/2020152.662 STEEMa944714b324b0805655227db0edf6147e24da683
2212/10/2020190.999 STEEM85362ca5e0e6f37ba01f2d155224e38c4b55f79d
2312/11/2020170.150 STEEMf38522cd8a8075406e00884821b8efd680a0702e
2412/12/2020177.604 STEEMe382c6206c043b691a0ceb582eeaeb387ebbfb38
2512/13/2020162.374 STEEM0d7127f1b1262a9d3a17a98dbeb42c2fb9c5ba1e
2612/14/2020148.546 STEEMa1674392b504b66da7e8efbcef9193e039270a85
2712/15/2020170.909 STEEM7c35d8d1e910f3e2385cb45a7576aa21642b8e8d
2812/16/2020160.629 STEEMbb1b42830d6c5e5c655c73d92b87cc1350399108
2912/17/2020186.321 STEEMab6739437b030f356d59125f3162bfc870099950
3012/18/2020190.422 STEEM0fb376015535bd41e468b5e392d7d172a1baf567
3112/19/2020168.719 STEEM8dc5556c225105d7bcc9f9ee73f210caa887683e
3212/20/2020168.552 STEEMfa08c685f3f5c19da166154127c7a69f2a2415d9
3312/21/2020169.437 STEEM0ec5425ba719e55943531bb3de04a008ed30868b
3412/22/2020151.595 STEEM225803c29e39d54a824b0235f0275f9b02ca9830
3512/23/2020148.645 STEEM6f387e30b2cbcf8da9db1b8564454b1f20686984
3612/24/2020159.877 STEEM95072e1818bf023f1d1f4bc747dcb73adee30fc1
3712/25/2020186.762 STEEM059d6e741fd34e373b21071af35caf7265aae183
3812/26/2020169.952 STEEM2fa39909f18324fadeaf07d18eff0817198b5aac
3912/27/2020174.328 STEEM6a549db58309c8c2684dede01635149fe1a8e9e9
4012/28/2020178.637 STEEMdf22faf3e6ee710a1299729a115ca42604e41d81
4112/29/2020167.046 STEEM5c43935158052a8220ef31cdedd08618080e35ce
4212/30/2020180.540 STEEM97cf51b8a8e85e611f2723ed9b97a9b22cfb9658
4312/31/2020173.633 STEEMd4b17050522525eb596315b6e6d78b86a9438f48
4401/01/2021171.418 STEEMcaffa232cc270a61fbcaa1c1817c8e0262f975e8
4501/02/2021165.710 STEEM1a5a18010bf11740ff58f1e9c2e02f94a0ad1a70
4601/03/2021186.835 STEEM0a20ceb024b39d684da4df0e919c43e8913e4191
4701/04/2021182.559 STEEM3a6b2395dde233c8e8504358958220ed1fad48af
4801/05/2021179.316 STEEM5dbaee0d870bfe095d26491e0610b28f00e4611b
4901/06/2021168.749 STEEM35ca1130a451d6de71537081e3a007636529e039
5001/07/2021171.972 STEEM76d45ce9fbebdcbf1acced63d05505bfe6f1b8e3
5101/08/2021152.999 STEEMe00379be363c3d01bb98b9b06dec1fbbfa3e586e
5201/09/2021187.437 STEEMbbbb350c876fdbca9a2bc01b98aab004ad4538b2
5301/10/2021181.926 STEEMa046f1332e2cc910706301527a9ff9a92078a88b
5401/11/2021148.283 STEEM7d53915ee25b75551638358a4fbc2cde73c4825f
5501/12/2021149.578 STEEM6d2a3e95cc8ccb585f06be7cfca101e82d61410c
5601/13/2021151.368 STEEMa9b475b30f0236bfcbc2f6d052349952060346cd
5701/14/2021153.383 STEEMc4a4e6df7cc0fa4bfece00ad04c22d7b135963a8
5801/15/2021160.085 STEEMa179ee82651f0f6dc487795b91b09c224b250116
5901/16/202120.514 STEEMd4d2c77597b50b4e86b9687af47bafefa13fe78c

Total: 9,800.000 STEEM


The user x-eclipse has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 59 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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