Is Gold getting heated up for a new Rally?

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My fellow Steemians,

In my humble opinion gold is getting ready for a new rally.

In the chart below from Crescat Capital you can see the correlation between the gold price and the 5 year real yield on bonds (inverted).


You can see that the real yield is negative. This pushes investors to gold.
And the correlation has broken down since the beginning of 2020 with the yield getting more negative with a breakout above the dotted line and the gold price going down.
This can not last for long and gold is already going higher at this point.

These negative real yield along with massive short positions of the bullion banks on the comex could lead to an enormous short squeeze!

So buckle up and enjoy the ride ...

Thank you for reading!


Gold will go to the Moon is Phase One of the U.S. Monetary Reset to Sound Money, then Double those Highs in Phase Two of the U.S. Monetary Reset to Sound Money...
December 8, 2020... 19.4 Hollywood Time...

oh.. impressive.. it seems gold price really can highrocket soon

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