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The IONChain Foundation was officially founded in Singapore in 2018. The name IONChain “has its origin from the Swedish physicist Arrhenius’s theory of ionization”. As a non-profit foundation, Ion Chain is committed to building a future society of Internet of Everything, The ion chain aims to solve many problems in security, circulation, transactions and sharing the Internet of Things, and promotes the general well-being of the IoT ecological chain. IONChain is the ecosystem that will unify smart device technology and enable them to truly become a part of our everyday lives!.

IONChain Team

“Every project is defined by the experience and expertise of its team. IONChain has an exceedingly capable team, who have proven themselves in the blockchain space.
Based in Singapore and Shanghai, the team is composed of developers who have worked on large-scale projects such as Hyperledger”.

How Will Ionchain Impact The Iot Industry?

Currently lack of security, incompatibility among smart devices and appropriate privacy protection are few of the most serious concerns facing the future of the IoT industry. Smart device users are not able to control the private data they submit to the system over the internet, servers remain centralized targets for hackers and fraud, and the issues of incompatibility among smart devices
IONChain as a decentralized platform seeks to provide a decentralized solutions to these problems, thus, increasing users security and the ability to integrate a generalized dAPPs to smart devices globally to strengthen the IoT industry and improve areas such as:
• data security
• data circulation
• share data
• data transactions”.
IONChain will be of a great impact to the entire IoT industry and smart device manufacturers.

How Can The Ionchain Ecosystem Improve The Way Smart Devices Are Used And Communicate With Each Other?

Since the main focus of the IONChain is to standardize the protocol smart device users send and receive data for a better communication. Allowing a greater robust compatibility between smart devices. Thus, avoiding one of the biggest problems among smart devices connected to the IoT industry, which is incompatibility.
Smart device users who wishes to connect to the IoT technology, IONChain will for sure provide a pleasant, convenient and secured ecosystem for these smart devices users, investors or manufacturers.
“IONChain is the ecosystem that allows IoT technology to become part of our daily life, offering greater and easier access for the user”.

What Is The Implication Of Combining Edge Computing With Blockchain Technology?

“Edge computing is the practice of processing data near the edge of your network, where the data is being generated, instead of in a centralized data-processing warehouse.” This means that the device itself processes the data, instead of sending it to a data center to be processed”.
“The vision of the IONChain is to help break the barrier of communication between different type of devices and allow them to work together by using a universal standard. This is possible via the inherently decentralized architecture of the blockchain which itself is ideal for edge computing applications”.
Combining Edge computing with blockchain technology allows for more fluid use since data can be created in a smart device and then in a red blockchain.
Edge computing allows processing various data near its origin. For large companies, the use of this option is the most appropriate since they need large cloud data processors to handle a greater amount of information.

How Will Having A True Iot Economy Allow It To Grow And Hasten The Process Of Mass Adoption?

IoT technology has many practical uses; generating an economy that can be sustained with IoT technology would help a massive adoption of it.
Meanwhile, IoT technology offers various options to manage data, through the use of a generalized dAPPs which could lead to the generation of new and diverse markets which in turn generates an increase in the adoption of the IONChain technology.
“IONChain has already partnered with several large IoT producers and aims to unify these manufacturers by incentivizing them to use the protocol by creating revenue in the IONChain ecosystem”. And as these smart device manufacturers implement the IONChain technology to their smart devices, this also accelerate and accelerate the process of adopting the IoT technology of smart device users and investors.
“The more manufacturers implement the IONChain protocol in their devices, the more possibilities there are for automatizing their operation in relation to each other through dAPPs”.

What Is The Impact Of "One Device, One Code, One Coin"?

The impact of "One device, One code, One coin"? will enable each smart device using a generalized dAPPs on its IoT network to become a miner”. “The vision of the IONChain is to help break the barrier of communication between different type of smart devices and allow them to work together by using a universal standard”. “The IONChain system will accurately calculate the precise rewards from the functions such as, data volume, time, space, and etc.” allowing devices to be unique, secure and standardized”.

Why Is It Important To Have A Global Standard Where Dapps Can Be Developed Once To Work With All Ionchain Implemented Devices?

dAPPs, which are applications developed for communication and the exchange of information for use by different smart devices connected to the IoT technology can be implemented automatically. Devices connected to the IONChain technology may have greater compatibility, security and convenient to the users.

Use Cases

Miss, Jenny loves watching Television series. Using IONChain technology connected to the IoT backbone, her Television switches itself on once Miss, Jenny walks into her sitting room and start showing her favorite television series.

More Resources

IONChain Website
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