LIVE with founder of IOTA David Sonstebo in 10 minutes! JOIN THE MADNESS! :):)

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Let's discuss IOTA!


Only $11 to send bitcoin? no... it takes more than $50 to ensure bitcoin will be sent under normal circumstances. And when mempool is full it takes more than $100 to make sure it will go through!
Bitcoin is completely useless and belongs to the garbage bin.

I've only spent more than $10 on a transaction fee...once. My last transaction fee was under a quarter. Use segwit.

Shortly : IOTA Vs ITC ( IOT chain) ?

  • Recetly I watched an interview with ITC (IOT chain) descriped as Iota of china. What I understood both IOTA and ITC are identical in tech, but the difference is that IOTA is more theoritical meaning it asks people who want to implement its tec to build their own bridge to IOTA. However, IOT chain is implementing the tech in a chip and just asking the manufacturers to insert it in their regular manufactured machines ... kinda plug and play .... so people say it is a real competator to IOTA ( faster adoption will be to IOT chain).
    what do you think guys.

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This was a great interview. I really enjoyed it. David had so me great ideas. I really liked how he self taught himself. Interesting piece of information.

Great interview @ivanli ! (3k live viewers + compliments from David!!)
My takes:

  • Iota would implement smart contract as a 2nd layer (not on chain).
  • David doesn't approve the swiss-army knife perspective of Ethereum. Do one thing good.
  • Take care not to fall on scams (like in every cryptos): create your own seed.
  • Digital Currency Initiative (of Media lab) of MIT is a tiny, loosely affiliated, group with just brought FUD. (curlp was a copy-prevention mechanism).
  • Extension hub for exchanges (not only crypto-exchanges) currently in testing
  • Lightning Network cannot threaten Iota because of the on-chain transaction + routing problem leading to centralization (and fees). Bitcoin can only improve its technology but that's the same as using Iota directly, currently it is just unusable. In dynamic environment, you need to deposit multiple times with high fees.
  • Flash payment system in dev during Iota hackathon.
  • Blockchain (POW & POS) structure has opposite incentives (user vs miners) -> it gets
    Underlying protocole of Iota is decentalized when getting rid of the coordinator. Projects drive the adoption by organic growth ($50mln available for creating) or running a node.
  • Roadmap 2018: #1 priority is grow/maturing the Iota fundation in Germany (for regulatory and industry) with processes in place + more manpower. Technology-wise, reach production-ready.
I just published an more in depth article about that and more FUD about IOTA if you're interested

AI and blockchain technologies can be used to rid us of our need for governments and allow communities to take care of themselves and each other

Great to see you on steemit mate!

Thanks for first-hand information about IOTA!

watching now

Great work friend i like it. Keep sharing. Wish you avery happy and bright future.

Why did the founder of bitcoin closed to be anonymous, wherever those who founded the altcoins are known. I have great respect for IOTA, its actually one of the coins to watch out for this 2018. Thanks @ivanli for interviewing such a crypto icon

He was the architect. It was the community that founded and launched BTC.
Satoshi designed something to challenge and compete with the current global currencies. If you were Satoshi, wouldn't you want to stay anonymous?

I was cleaning the house and youtube was on autoplay in the background, about 5 minutes into this interview I had not caught his name or company. I got on my computer to google who this was and you should have seen my face when it said "Founder of IOTA" ... 😂 Wow - this guy was seriously impressive! Thanks for the interview @Ivanli

Thanks Ivan. This was a good interview. David seems like a very smart guy. I'm even more glad i picked up some iota a few months ago now.

cool man i am waiting! thanks for being live him!

I invested about $500 into IOTA, and after a month my money was no longer in my wallet. This means that IOTA is corrupt and is fraudulent, and I would no longer invest in this coin anymore.

That means you either :

  1. used a seed generated on a random website and got scammed (your fault only, not iota's fault)
  2. selected a node which is not updated so it doesn't show your balance correctly (just switch the node and your balance should be there)

Inspired by the very informative interview, I have just ordered the book Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom. Can't wait to read. Thanks @Ivanli for the recommendation

Could you please also upload your videos to it‘s youtube on steem.

Your videos are great, thanks!

Great talk Ivan. I really appreciate your level headed discussions. You did a great job of asking difficult questions and keeping them respectful and direct.

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