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🆕 Participate in this week's discussion topic around Privacy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Are you seeing your personal privacy invaded for the sake of helping stop the spread of COVID-19? How do you feel about this? What is your community, state, or nation, doing that may have been controversial before COVID but is now accepted as necessary?

💰 Rewards: Most interesting & creative 5 answers will receive 1,000 IOTX EACH + all of the participants will be entered in the community scoreboard for March!

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➡️ IoTeX Mainnet GA is coming in Q2 2020

New technology, more decentralized governance, IoT-oriented tokenomics, and independence as a fully native ecosystem. Mainnet GA will be the foundation for the Internet of Trusted Things!

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IoTeX is featured in the International Business Times, with >90 million monthly readers!

How can new technologies, like blockchain and confidential computing, protect our privacy in crisis situations like Coronavirus? IoTeX shares our perspectives in a new must-read feature.

Check out the full op-ed by IoTeX Co-founder, Raullen Chai

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