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Hey fellow steemians!! I wanted to show you all a friendly neighborhood I lived in in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Czech Village (aka Czech town) is a well known historical area in town. It was established long ago by Czech & also Slovak immigrants who came to live in our fine town. Coincidentally, it is just across the road and parking lot from the Czech & Slovak National Museum & Library. Imagine that..

I hope you enjoy looking at my old neighborhood. Upvote. Resteem. Post Comments!


Hi @jamie-smith that's an immensely impressive video Czech Village in Cedar Rapids.

I haven't been there in a while and I see that some things have changed a little but for still the same basic look.

Keep up the tremendous work here at Steemit and keep the videos coming!

Oh yes, Cedar Rapids has an interesting immigrant history to it. I enjoyed living in and video taping the Czech village neighborhood.

I had no idea! I will visit! I love Iowa.

Yes, Iowa is a very friendly and lovable state. It's been my home since I was a kid.

Don't be surprised if you see Iowa posts on my page. I've spent some time there traveling and and seeing the sights!

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thank you for your insight and comment. Much appreciated!

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