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A convenient and useful thing, this IPPON 600 UPS.) I bought it in 2011, if I'm not mistaken. After a power outage, he made it possible for several seconds to finish working at the computer, and the TV stayed for about a minute. This is very small, but the battery life is not eternal, and I had long expected it to refuse to work.
For a couple of days, he was disconnected from the network and stopped showing signs of life.

I took apart the case and removed the battery

For some reason, in this model of UPS it is located lying on its side. In the middle you can see that he swelled a little.
Of course, you can revive a little, but in the near future it is necessary to dispose of it and buy to replace another, but until I ordered a new one, I had to try to bring it to my senses.

Disconnected and set to charge for 20 minutes. I used a charger from an ancient screwdriver .Hitachi. The screwdriver itself is still alive, but the batteries are also subject to replacement.

It will be better if you buy a new battery!

After recharging, he attached it to its former place and believed.

The UPS turned on, which means the experiment went well. )

Now it will recharge and work for some more time.
I will try to replace it with a new one in the near future. )