thank you so much for coming to say so on an older post as not everyone comments on things that have left the viewability cycle! this is worth gold to me 🖤🖤🖤

It's beautiful you think like that. I've noticed that either and it seems very odd to me. When I was new at this platform I thought in awe: People here are very strange!.. and not in a good way.

It's like they think the life cycle of a "post" lasts 7 days (168 hours), as some little butterflies in a garden. If something is older than that, it is "dead", it doesn't matter. Why? Because of the money.

I didn't like that. It made me feel like no one is really talking to me, reading my works, caring about my inspirations. They talk to the money (when they talk), they care about the money. For me that's sad... such a bright opportunity to meaningful connections and cultural enrichment so easily lost!

After the first shock I started to manage my own feelings toward this ecosystem... I have a strong bond with my posts. They are the fruits of my cultural garden, important steps of my creation as a thinker, a journalist, an artist. It hurts me to think that they have no value after a week. What an immediatist blinding belief...

But that's only because I think in terms of diverse kind of values (not only the economical). Steemit means to my mind a little opportunity to earn a livelihood while building my philosophical cultural projects, despite being in a bad place and conditions. That is for me like a miracle. But I don't expect anymore that people here take me seriously. I cannot be sure if they really care.

My solution was to preserve the spiritual value of my most important creations, by holding them in a wider system with a strong cultural activity, outside Steemit. Hence it doesn't matter if people here don't value the products of my soul after seven days. They will remain alive in my loved website... I will keep them alive by outer dynamics. I'm just succeeding now, in recent weeks. It has been a hard adventure, a hero's journey, as Campbell would understand.

Oh, sorry for the length. I entered a cathartic state because of your reply and couldn't stop. Thank you again for sharing such deep meanings.