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RE: The Eerie Beauty of Knowth and Dowth — Ancient Spirits Spiraling Through Time

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Wow what a post!

I would have never found it if it were not for all the fans you have on The Ramble and discussions on #PYPT show. Knowing the people who support you, I am going to review my follow list and witness votes and add you.

I really need to get to the Emerald Isle.

Just awesome.


oh, cheers, Zeke! what a kind thing to say. I usually try to make it into the morning PYPT so I can find some little gems to love on and hang with the community, but admittedly, I'm not as speedy as I used to be in putting my own content out there. If you ever have questions about the witness, I firmly believe in being open and available so please feel free to poke around that stuff before changing any of your votes.

As for Ireland, absolutely agreed. It was a place full of warm people and incredible scenery, lots of things to discover off the beaten path, and solitude when you wanted it, which can be hard to find in tourist destinations. Under it all was a feeling of age and mystery- something not quite there but still foreboding. Really captured my heart.

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