The Phoenix Enigma Wizard Larp - I NEVER SAID THAT! #LizardSquad Lin Wood V2K Lies.

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The Phoenix Enigma Wizard Larp - I NEVER SAID THAT! #LizardSquad Lin Wood V2K Lies.


Bitchute Video Upload:

This video is a response to "The Phoenix Enigma" and his Larpfest interview with Shaun Attwood regarding the ludicrous claims of Lin Wood about Isaac Kappy having super important Epstein files. Weeks after getting called out, once the whole situation is over TPE tries to call me the bad guy and say that he never said anything. It's the larpiest wizardry I have seen from The Phoenix Enigma or The Sicilian Witch. No magic tricks, no spells I will make you eat your own words....

V2K Larp:

Shaun Attwood, Phoenix Enigma and Isaac Kappy talk:

My original response still 100% accurate:


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