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The Island is a cryptocurrency and blockchain project that seeks to create virtual land for its users. You can now acquire as many hectares of land as you want by using your cryptocurrency.

Yet, that is not all there is to this novel project. Below are some of the additional features you will benefit from an investor in The Island:



The Island is much more than buying virtual land. Instead, you can do many other things with this project.

Buying land on the moon is one of the things you can do here. The Island has set aside a different aspect for this. It is called La Luna.

La Luna is a section of the broader The Island project. This aspect is mostly for cryptocurrency investors who want to own a portion or segment of the moon.

Usually, you would be asked to invest in La Luna the moment you sign up on The Island. Also, you can choose to do this later.

The score of La Luna is the moon and users are required to acquire as many parted hectares of land as their NFTs can afford them.

Interestingly, the segment or portion of the moon you will acquire is pegged to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The reason for this is that The Island, through the La Luna project, wants to make it easier for the investors to acquire a portion of the moon, which would later be converted to NFTs.

The idea of NFTs is to ensure that the investors are allowed to have a tokenized version of their virtual assets. That way, they would easily covert the assets at any time, as well as trade the same for profits.

The Island project is many things at the same time. Aside from being a project that creates virtual spaces for sale, it also offers Decentralized Finance (DeFi) opportunities.

One of such DeFi opportunities it offers is Yield Farming. This has been popularized on many DeFi platforms, including the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which coincidentally, is the blockchain network where The Island is hosted.

Therefore, the Yield Farming opportunities that this project offers are in order.
Besides, investors are allowed to participate in The Island Yield Farming ecosystem only if they have L’ile, which is the native currency of The Island.

You can use this currency for many Yield Farming applications, such as Staking and Farming.
Either way, you will earn passive income from being a Yield Farmer on The Island.



Unicornia is the basis of the NFTs on The Island. It also doubles as the form of identification for each of The Island investors and users.
Ideally, you would be issued your Unicorn NFT after you must have passed some of the important stages, including:

  • Registering on The Island
  • Receiving your unique Identification (ID)


The Island is much more than just a cryptocurrency project promoting the virtual economy. Instead, it has created a viable system for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to put their digital assets to good work by becoming yield farmers, as well as owning a segment of the moon.

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