Pangangan Island Bohol

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Finally there is some more news about the new resort that is being build on the place where Dream Island used to be.
The resort will have 4 clusters of rooms in different sizes, a total of 50 rooms. There will be a Spa, a restaurant, an artificial beach, a shooting range and six (6) swimming pools as well as an indoor recreation building.
The resort will have its own water supply, sewage treatment, garbage collection and disposal with their own garbage truck.
As per information the company gave us, 80% of the guests will be Chinese from Beijing.
The target building time is 2 years from the date the building permit is/will be issued.

Most of the building materials will be sourced local and for the buildings they will mainly use local materials like wood, stone, thatch etc.

We will keep you updated as soon as we have more information. This is all the info we have for now... anything else will be speculation and guessing.