Rockets landing in my City of Ashkelon, Israel. Took a video.

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Well, it looks as though Gaza is at it again. Rocket sirens sounding and loud booms of rockets exploding around. This has lasted all day today, May 4th, 2019. Here is my story I shared on my youtube channel.

"So, there I was in the car with my children about to drive out of our apartment building parking lot. As we were waiting on my wife I noticed a strange looking cloud in the air. It looked like a small circle of cloud. The cloud was quite bizarre looking. As I was looking at it the Rocket siren's started to blare here in Ashkelon. The kids and I left the car instantly and ran into the basement of our building to take cover. 4 sirens went off and we heard around 13 booms. 10 minutes later I lead the kids up to our apartment to go to the safe shelter. I then went back outside to correctly park the car. As I was walking back to our building the Rocket Siren went off again and I began to film while huddled behind a trailer. This is just a day in Israeli life. God is our protector. Cheers. (The strange cloud I saw was the iron dome that intercepted a rocket. ". Love my Steem.

Video and words by @crowe on steemit, and truth watcher on youtube).


I didn't see any....Heard the sirens tho