The Red Sea and Its Magnificent Coral Reefs

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It's been a while since I last posted a video about my beautiful country Israel. So now, allow me to share with you a piece of my land - or shall I say sea. 😊 Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Red Sea and its magnificent coral reefs. 💕

Isn't it an amazing sight? 😍

I hope that we humans, as stewards of the earth, can save our oceans and rehabilitate the homes of sea creatures. We can definitely make the condition of the oceans a lot better! After all, it takes teamwork and a sense of love and responsibility.


"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

Peace and love to you all! 💖

Video Credits to Andrei Ion

Check out this glass artwork of mine!

Modular Corals.jpg

The inspiration for this was the beautiful Red Sea.
This is up FOR SALE, so if you are interested to purchase this glass artwork,
kindly leave a comment and I'll be happy to send you more details.
Thank you!


'Us humans, as stewards of the earth' .... @michelleast you have it so wrong. We are this beautiful planets cancer and we are killing our host.

Originally, we humans are the stewards of the earth. Having the holistic capacity to take care of it, this is not a question at all. But yes - we have become cancer and we are slowly killing the land that gives us life. But I believe we still got TIME...time to revert the earth to its beautiful state. But WE have to do it - not only me, or only them, but US. But if we don't do our part of being stewards of this land, the time left is useless.

Funny thing about us humans, eh? The earth has offered everything we need to live and survive. But now that we have destroyed it, some are exploring if Mars can be a good planet to live. LOL. It doesn't make sense, right?

Yup, we want to destroy a vibrant, lush land to develop technology which can take us trillions of miles away to turn a dust and heat ball into a vibrant and lush land ..... Not ironic....more like moronic.
Please share more pics of Israel .... I will stop by regularly just in case.


Yes, more Israel posts to go @themagus. ☺️

Very nice video, indeed " it takes teamwork and a sense of love and responsibility." Thanks for sharing!

No problem, @almi! Thank you for dropping by, too! :-)

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