Issues That The Youth is Facing

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The industrialist society has given us so much other than better personal satisfaction. It has given us offices and extravagance yet it has required away the investment expected to appreciate that relaxation. Individuals are currently more mindful of their rights and potentially more aware of their feelings yet couples are discovering it progressively difficult to remain together. Children it appears have their own heap of issues to deal with since a little age.

Incredibly, a large number of these issues are basically dismissed for the sake of innovative advancement, shrewdness, need, disappointment and even development. Individuals are leaving their natural zones-the zones that they had been made for. Moms are leaving homes with babies simply a couple of days old being put into daycare's, fathers are imagined to be characteristic bank gave by god and that's it. The entire relationship thing has come down to give and take which is precise as 2 + 2 = 4 (not 2.5 and not 1.99 but rather 4). Sympathy and mankind are bit by bit leaving our every day lives. We should know about issues that our childhood is confronting and not simply expound on them rather we have to bring issues to light to understand these issues.

10. Broken families, Single parent homes

9. Drugs and alcohol

8. Earlier onset of maturity

7. Violence in Schools

6. Materialism

5. Obesity

4. Educational disparity

3. Economy

2. Poverty

1. Collective identity diminishing


unfortunately this type of problem are those that lead young people to make bad decisions in their lives

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