Disegno di studio sugli occhi - Study sketch on eyes (ITA-ENG)

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Today I want to show you a small drawing, which is also a study of the proportions and forms of human eyes.

Maybe those who are not interested in drawing can not find great differences between a comic style or a more realistic style: you have to think, however, that the artistr must, first of all, carefully observe the subject to be realized, then start to position the elements in a precise way measuring the various relationships in the space, and then, slowly, proceed with the realization of all those aspects that make the final work as close as possible to the "true" model.

So, simplifying. More details = More time and work.

This does not mean that there is a style better than another: many times a simple meaningfull artwork is better than something complex and full of details but that in the end does not transmit anything.

You can see the various steps of the drawing in the animated gif.

Thanks for your time and 'till next time.

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Oggi vi propongo un piccolo disegno , che è anche uno studio sulle proporzioni e le forme degli occhi umani.

Magari chi non si interessa di disegno può non trovare grandi differenze tra uno stile da fumetto o uno stile più realista: dovete pensare, però, che il disegnatore deve, prima di tutto, osservare con grande cura il soggetto da realizzare, poi iniziare a posizionare gli elementi in modo preciso misurando le varie relazioni nello spazio, e poi , piano piano, procedere con la realizzazione di tutti quegli aspetti che rendono l'opera finale più vicina possibile al modello "vero".

Quindi, semplificando. Più dettagli = Più tempo e lavoro.

Questo non vuole dire che ci sia uno stile migliore di un altro : molte volte meglio una cosa semplice ma incisiva, che qualcosa di complesso e pieno di dettagli ma che alla fine non trasmette niente.

Dalla gif animata potete vedere le varie fasi del disegno.

Grazie dell'attenzione e alla prossima.

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respect, even as a kid i couldn't draw myself

Wow is impressive the drawing that you made, the look is very penetrating so to speak is very deep, great job I loved

Woe, sembra quasi un disegno tecnico di un pezzo meccanico all'inizio 😀

Ottimo studio approfondito!

They are very good @giuatt07, I like them! I think the face is the most delicate part when I draw and make eyes takes a little time, it's good step by step, it helps a lot so you can try a little more precise!

Shades are looks great

Dopo le mani al buoi, un grandissimo lavoro anche sugli occhi.
Bravo @giuatt07!

Your explanation of how to paint is very easy to understand.
But, I still fail in painting. Although I've tried, but still, I failed.
It is really good painting, i like it.
Have a good day @giuatt07

These eyes tells me that they have seen a horrifying, terrible and unforgettable DREAM. Which can not be fulfilled. These eyes tells me the real pain and grief about losing something or someone special. They tell me that these need help. To accomplish what they have seen and Dreamed

Eyes have the strongest voice, you can't know the inner of a person by his talk but you can judge it buy just looking at eyes, wonderful art drawing.

Agreed with you Sir.. The person who can judge properly, can always do GREAT tiny things ☺

Ottime considerazioni, pur non essendo un esperto in materia, ho seguito senza problemi i tuoi discorsi molto chiari e precisi, ed il risultato finale del tuo disegno esprime alla perfezione quello che hai sapientemente descritto, grande @giuatt07

Bel lavoro @giuatt07. E sempre interessante vedere tecniche e spiegazioni

Realism in faces is one of the most difficult challenges for those who draw and tattoo too, you must use a large number of elements and shadows to achieve that personality of the person or character, and thus make it look like itself.

many times a simple meaningfull artwork is better than something complex and full of details but that in the end does not transmit anything.

100 percent agree with you !

the perfect blog can add insight to drawing thanks.I have followed you. If you have time visit my blog.

Non vale! Anch'io sto facendo uno studio del genere. Complimenti per il lavoro.
Un saluto, nicola

Your drowning is great. You have the best hand in drawing. I am surprised to see your hand work.


Anyone can follow your steps.

Good work.

A good sketch, but you need to act more boldly! Try drawing in ink

Wow... Amazing and perfect @giuatt07

Fantastic presentation. A complete tutorial for eye drawing. Thanks for share.

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