JAHMIN Reviews + Info [ Feb 9-16

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Welcome to the JAHMIN Reviews/Music posts of the week. In the this weekly post, we highlight the reviews and artiste write ups we thought were of exceptional quality. In no particular order, here are the JAHMIN Music Reviews of the week.

JAHMIN Song Reviews of the week, Feb 9-16

My Nation - Teflon Artist [New Song] by @josevas217

@josevas217 with his slick reviews showcased "My nation" by Teflon. Many Song reviewers would do well to follow this his format as it gets to the point and is visually appealing from cover to markdown.

Made In Made, Reggae Band From Aceh by @albertjester

@albertjester brought us an original Reggae roots sound from Aceh, Indonesia. We love to see these original Reggae songs from the country and not the "Reggae Version" of songs.

Vital mix of reggae and African music from the King of Reggae Lucky Dube. @mariluna

In this post by @mariluna learn about the history and the mystery that is lucky Dube. A lot to learn and listen to here.

Yannick Noah - La Voix des Sages by @ange.nkuru

@ange.nkuru brought us somethi unique with a story behind it about a tennis player/ musician that was the gate way to reggae music for @ange.nkuru.

Steven & Coconut Treez - Relaxed Songs (Official Music Video) by @nurdinnakaturi

@nurdinnakaturi showcases a song by Steven and the Coconut Treez ( what a name). We appreciate the translation of the lyrics so the song could have more meaning to the community. Relax it's not the end of the world, sing a happy song.

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A little newness never hurts, stretching the boundaries of creativity leads to new horizons. We really dig your format, very easy to consume.

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