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Welcome to the JAHMIN Reviews/Music posts of the week. In the this weekly post, we highlight the reviews and artiste write ups we thought were of exceptional quality. In no particular order, here are the JAHMIN Music Reviews of the week.

JAHMIN Song Reviews of the week, FEB 2-9

Farmerman [Ras Muhamad feat. Naptali] - From Clarendon by @zainalbakri

@zainalbakri brings us a Indonesian, Jamaican link up with Ras Muhamad and Naptali. A big up to the farmers in reggae roots style.

Hot New Single by Claye – “Bamboo” by @mistakili

@mistakili brings us a single by Claye called Bamboo. What we like about this review it is short, and full of personal thoughts along with a high resolution image to give a simple and easy to digest post.

Dennis Brown another classic Reggae legend by @mariluna

@mariuluna gave us a good write up about Dennis Brown, the good the bad and the ugly. Learn about this iconic legend in this post. @ mariluna had many good review posts, like Don Carlos, Lutan Fyah and many more.

Wind Music. Rico Rodriguez by @jadnven

@jadnven introduced us to a Cuban artis by the name of Rico Rodriguez a Trombonist who came to kingston and made his mark in the sounds of Reggae.@jadnven also did a good write up on Dean Fraser as well.

STAND FOR SOMETHING by @pouchon.tribes

@pouchon.tribes brings us a track by Kieda called "Stand for something". We liked how he discovered the song, bought the album and then introduced it to us with his personal thoughts.

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good musical writings congratulations friends and thank you for mentioning me God bless you @reggaesteem

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Congrats @mariluna you are a consistent creator.

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Thank you for the mention, "he who lets music flow through his veins, will keep happiness burning in his life", congratulations to all those who leave these wonderful publications.


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Music is life! Thanks for always bringing the quality.

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Congratulations to all the Authors whose names are mentioned on this blog. Keep up with your Review Series and good wishes from my side.

@reggaesteem, Keep moving forward team and stay blessed always. 🙂

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Thanks @chireerocks.

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Welcome. 🙂

@reggaesteem you are doing a great job...and yes this music reviews selected are all very nice and interesting too...

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@reggaesteem it is obvious that so many users of this platform have good music taste and that is so cool...

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