"Calling All MCs and Singers of Earth!!!!" ... ROUND 7 !!!!! The Worldwide Cypher !!!

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Its that time!!! I'm going to switch up the beat again for the cypher!!! ... 'cos we don't stop ... and I keep making the beats!!! Real music for real people!! Peace out to the lo-fi crew!!

  • Hit up the beat above and record yourself doing your 'freestyles/bars/song/scratching/message to the world/poetry/soul display/whatever you got' over it!

This beat is called 'molotov onion symphony', and I made it this week!!! Hope you enjoy!!
... These beats are exclusive!!! You wont hear this ANYWHERE else!!!!

  • Use phones/laptops/cameras/VHS/tape decks/reel to reel/whatever you want to record it!
    ... Lo-fi, organic jam, quickfire music!!


  • There are NO rules!!!!!
  • Post your entries below, or comment with a link to your entry post.
  • Upvote an entry! (not your own!!) and upvote this post to get the winner some SBD!!
  • I wiil give the SBD from this post to the best entry (chosen by an outsider!!)

... Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!!!!!!

TERMITE. @termitemusic

  • Check the latest episode of ILL MOOT here
  • Conclusion for round 6 coming shortly!!
  • I look forward to hearing what you got!!

Again, really loved this beat! Had to write something a bit shorter this time to not miss the chance to enter:

Room for improvements

Lyrics in the: Original post. Peace everyone!

Yes!!! @privat you rockin this beat man!!!!!!!!!!!

Smashing, great rhythm!

Thank you!!

Good stuff right back at ya!

GEEEZAAAAR!!!!! haha smashing this!!!! whats going on in the vid man!?? 'bomb threat when you flow!!'

its an old music video a friend of mine edited back in the day, lol... Artistic Intelligence is the crew. you can check the original vid here

Oi!!! This is too dope man!!! for real!!!!!!!!!! PROPA!!!! u smash this beat!!

you seen the new ting!??

Here is my entry for the cypher this week!

The lyrics are here if you want to see them below.

I hope you all enjoy it!!

Big up man!!! welcome to the jam!!!!

I think thats a compliament!!? haha!! ThankYou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man you make awesome beats ! join here btw for the music producer channel for people who make awesome beats and are on steemit https://discord.gg/jHKFUwY we're build a community here ;) hope to see you there :D

no spam btw it's a personal invitation haha

thanks bruv!!!!!!!!

Cool man!!! ... ((once you are on discord, you have to join diffent channels to talk to different groups right??))

I couldn't find some server for music producers to meet and to create things together so it's up to us to build the community atm ;) and big time aswell with radioshows, livedemo feedback and we discovered yesterday we have an awesome way to jam around aswel

... well you got me with 'a way to jam' !!!

Yeah I'm on about 8 different discord servers, it's very easy to jump back and forth between them :)

nice!!! Thankyou!!

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Termit termit3 !!!

Hello man!!! you on this!!!???

idk man I'm searching the inspiration!! :)

... You are inspiration man!!! loving the art from your page!!!! go totally artisticly abstract if you want!!!(?)

Ok I am trying to fix some software issues and TermiteON!!!

oh I know that feeling well!!! big up man!!

This might be my favorite beat so far!! Not sure what to write on it yet but I hope something before you switch up again!

I was thinking this would suit your style!!! ... although you seem adept on most types of rhythm man!!!

Haha thank you!

Peace Termite! You've inspired me to start my own MC challenge series. I hope I have your blessings brother.

Nice 1 man!!! you obviously dont need my blessings, but you DO!! WE ARE FREE!!!! (what do you think about doing yours the other end of the week so were not competing as much? ...I think we will be the first of many to be honest!!!) Peace bro

You will always be the originator though. Whatever is convenient for you. Not a problem for me.