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Explore everyday life in Japan

Wara Art


It’s that time of year again.

When mysterious beings visit us in the night and make playful creatures with the dried stalks of rice left behind after the rice harvest. England once had crop-circles. Japan now has crop animals. Where they come from, no one knows. Are they of extra terrestrial origin, or are they a man made hoax?


I leave it for you to decide.


Image Credits: All images in this post are original.

This is an ongoing series that explores various aspects of daily life in Japan from the vantage point of Niigata City, a city of 800,000 people on the coast of the Sea of Japan. My hope is that this series will not only reveal to its followers, image by image, what some of Japan looks like, but that it will also inform its followers about unique Japanese items and various cultural and societal practices. If you are interested in getting intermittent updates about life in Japan, please consider following me, @boxcarblue. If you have any questions about life in Japan, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will do my best to answer all of your questions.

If you missed my last post, you can find it here School Events.


Oh you really nailed it with using mono! Good call!

Thanks. I like the way they look in black and white too. The lighting wasn’t very good this day, and the color picks didn’t turn out that. These were kind of a happy accident, like most of the pictures I share tend to be;-)

Amazing sculptures... Looks like hay, rice stalks, you say? Very cool...
Do they make bon fires after?

It looks exactly gay, doesn’t it? Wheat and rice look very alike just before they are harvested, and afterward, I don’t know how you’d be able to tell them apart.

I’m pretty sure this park is one of only two places in Japan where you can see a sculpture festival like this. I’ll have to research it again.

I don’t know how they remove these sculptures. I’ve never seen them being cleaned up. Just one day they’re gone. I’m pretty sure they don’t burn them though. It would be really great if they did.

Would make a great camp fire... :) ...and barbeque session!
Waittt, after our haze here... maybe better not!

It would be fun if it stayed under control.

Oh yesss! Would be totally mesmerising...
I think there's a festival or occasion in Germany, if I remember correctly, that a giant bonfire is the focus of the festival... Pretty cool

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hi @boxcarblue

I just checked your profile to see if you posted anything new lately and ... NADA. Why so quiet? :)


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