nice cherry blossoms( sakura)

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good morning steemian friends all, wherever you are hopefully healthy always and easy all efforts, today meet again with me @dayattaufiq, on this occasion I will share a beautiful cherry blossom photo in japan. selamat pagi teman steemian semua, dimanapun anda berada semoga sehat selalu dan mudah segala usahanya, hari ini jumpa lagi dengan saya @dayattaufiq, di kesempatan hari ini saya akan membagikan foto bunga sakura yang indah di jepang. image imagein general in early japan japan all cherry blossoms will bloom. and so on other flowers. image image image it looks very beautiful. so much from me @dayattaufiq regards cherry blossoms in japan for all steemit friends. this photo I took with camera cenon 70d. follow me


My cherry tree was amazing this year. She's almost finished for the season, and the bees were in great abundance.

thank you for commenting. where we are in the northern part of japan in the niigataken again blooming flowers. if tokyo area may have exhausted its interest

I'm in the South East of the United States. My tree is a Yoshino cherry.

Wow, really breathtaking photos, I really love those flowers too.

Thank you friend. for his comments

The cherry blossom is so wonderful 🌸 Beautiful pics!