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Javvy is a protected, far reaching and wide cryptocurrency trade with wallet arrangement which happens not to be an electronic wallet, that will further boost every normal task for all significant cryptographic forms of money and tokens.

Javvy is created in a such a way to bring an innovative layout into the cryptocurrency world as an alternative to traditional web-based crypto exchanges and pockets/wallets. The Javvy team is poised to create a platform that is focused on security, simplicity, easy-to-use and comprehensive solution that has not been in existence before the full functionality of the cryptocurrency, which is a great innovative if you ask me.

The Javvy Protocol consists of the following features that keeps them unique over all other ecosystem of their type. These include:

*Banking integration to facilitate Krypto trade :
Patent Number: 62543097

*Jvy token is used for trading without any reserve :
Patent number (pending approval) 62559797

*Country-based language support and compliance regulation.

*Decentralized integration system between multiple exchanges.

*Widely used crypto currency/ coin.

JAVVY aims to receive and source funds and income from purchase/sell charges, change expenses, global platinum card expenses, and all for settlement charges.

The Javvy ecosystem combines a
full Comprehensive Wallet and Exchange Solution to Overcome the Insufficient Security of Web-based Wallets and Exchanges, Adaptation to Complex Regulations, and Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency.


The Javvy ecosystem is consists of a cross-stage crypto wallet that is accessible on all Window, Linux, Mac, Native iOS, and Native Android. The Javvy wallet can also be downloaded from the Javvy site.

The Javvy wallet is built on a user friendly interface as the wallet is so simple to use, easy to use and has got a stage where you can make any exchanges of choice (sending, getting, trading) identified with cryptocurrency cash. It is worthy of note that On this stage, one can easily sell loops or purchase new coins. The JAVVY ecosystem has got a structure that consents to money related guidelines all around all over the place. The JAVVY ecosystem ID confirmation process is in the user's intrigue which makes it easier for subscribers to be security assured.

Javvy can bolster numerous installment techniques and as such not known as a wallet alone. These other techniques include the following:

1 - installments made with a prepaid charge card

2 - installments made with E-check

3 - bank exchanges

The Ticker for the JAVVY token is JVY, which is the token of choice to be used on the JAVVY ecosystem. It is developed on the Ethereum network and smart contract. The total number of JVY tokens presently is 333,333,333 and 100,000,000 of these tokens have been offered for sale in the ico process as we speak.
150,000,000 token has been reserved for the loyalty rewards program for its subscribers. The JVY token price for the Ico process is tagged at 1 JVY = 0,0004 ETH. The project's minimum investment target (soft cap) is pegged as 1000 ETH and the maximum investment target (hard cap) is 8 million dollars.
The amount excluding the token allocated for sale is divided into 10% operations, 5% founders, 5% future talents and 5% advisors. Investments in the Ico process will be used for 45% development, 25% operations, 15% marketing and 15% legal transactions.


Token: JVY

Type: Utility

Price: 1 JVY = 0.0004 ETH

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting : ETH

Minimum investment :0.4 ETH

Soft cap :1,000 ETH

Hard cap :8,000,000 USD

Country :Cayman Islands

Whitelist/KYC :KYC & Whitelist

Restricted areas :China















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