Frozen Trip up North

in #jeep2 years ago


Finnaly got around to getting some of my pics together from my trip north. Everything was frozen including the parking lot but I had no trouble driving around camp in the jeep.


We hiked around some but had to make regular trips back to the jeep to warm up. I think the high while I was there was about 16F.


Everything looked beautiful in the snow. This pic is actually over a frozen lake that we were walking on. Our camp is on two lakes and there was actually people driving and ice fishing on it.



Beautiful shots Mr. @armshippie, everyone needs a Jeep.

Thanks Ray. I agree on both parts 😎

Here I am waiting for the weather to turn hot and humid again because it helps e with my health @armshippie

Oh I'm waiting for it to warm up myself, it's way to cold. Thanks for stopping by and hope it gets warm soon for you my friend.

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