How To Cure Almost Anything Easily... And Why You Should Never Go To Doctors with Clive de Carle

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Anarchast Ep. 406

Jeff Berwick interviews Clive de Carle, topics include: healthy people are more open minded, doctors unschooled in nutrition, common nutritional myths producing ill health, sea salt, magnesium, iodine, very cheap supplements vs common deficiencies, many common diseases are actually deficiencies or heavy metal poisoning, easily treatable with the right knowledge, vitamin D, flu season, vitamin C, vaccines, nutrition and immunity, the dangers of root canals and mercury fillings, circumcision, Scenar, addictions and dopamine, amino acids, The Secret Health Club

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I've been in a doctors supervision before. And it's disappointing that they can't cure my skin allergy, and I realized my disease only exist in my mind not externally and I learned meditation that really helps a lot to me.

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@jeffberwick you are correct and Doctors just mess you UP............Stay Away or you will be inline at Walgreens to get your Poison..............

Lol, I agree!!

Thanks for this thought provoking post. Unfortunately this is not anything new, maybe if these kind of information was broadcast repeatedly for the many non-believers, we may stand a chance of doing something about the way governments take control of our lives. I don't have the answers on how we can do that, but if people are just willing to read books like Grey Caton and check out G Edward Griffith's 'The Creature from Jekyll Island', they'll begin to understand how this works. Peace.

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@jeffberwick helpful post indeed, thanks for the dtube video too. This post worth to get more attention.

such a wonderful post.keep aharing.thank you.go ahead

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Keep up the good job 🤙🏼

so like jeff you got to agree with me on like when i think yeah life sucks and yeah its meant to be that way right?

Great to have some Anarchast back work my way through my backlog. Aways informative an bring the world together inspiring too. I have a plan for 2019 bring the UK up there too 💯🐒

I trust medicine but I don't trust doctors.

Great to have some Anarchast back work my way through my backlog. Aways informative an bring the world together inspiring too. I have a plan for 2019 bring the UK up there too 💯🐒

Such a gangster!

If it wasn't for my blood pressure medicine I wouldnt ever go to the doctor. I find natural cures and use a daily wellness routine to keep myself healthy. I enjoy your videos.. thanks for all the cool info.

Eggs have good quantities of most things he's mentioned so far.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing this informative content

😌 good post!!!; 😌