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Hello @jerrybanfield, his followers and friends of Steemit!

My name is Alina. My Steemit acc is @amalinavia and the reputation of the account has already reached 60. For a long time I was surfing alone on the waves of the blockchain ocean and did not know what I could do to develop not only myself but also contribute to development of Steemit platform. And during one of our conversations with my friend @osoznanieedinogo, the idea was born to create the Russian Steemit community in order to explore the world of the blockchain together, to help the Russian-speaking newcomers to adapt themselves on Steemit, to invite them to share information, to show interesting ideas and blogs, to create their own projects and contests. The number of the participants has been increasingly growing during these few months, today we count around 300 people.

Next, came the idea to create an interactive account, which will help us, Russian speakers, not only to communicate with each other, but also would be our window for the interaction with the outside world - so was born @rusteem. Now, let’s know more about our project, which has, on one hand, the intention to enrich Steemit community with one more form of international communication, and on the other hand intends to serve as a prototype for the domestic FAQ support of newcomers and the strengthening of Steemit’s presence in other countries, as per the example of @rusteem.

The @jerrybanfield’s recent post will serve as our storyline:

1 - Who is involved in @rusteem?

The project is implemented by the Russian Steemit community - the Telegram group that has now 288 people, which is about 1/3 of the total number of Russians on Steemit. Do you agree that this is a ridiculous figure for a country like Russia with a population of 146 million people?

The problem is that among the Russian participants of Steemit there are no whales and very few dolphins. And there are no activists among those who have smaller stacks. Training programs for newcomers and mutual support of participants of the Russian Steemit are now being implemented by the personal efforts of a dozen of volunteers and activists. Five of them - administrators of the Russian Steemit - came up with account project @rusteem.

2 - What has been done for the project?

• A preliminary work was carried out to inform about the new project within the participants of the Russian Steemit. The idea generated more enthusiasm rather than skepticism, both in the comments to the announcement post посту, and during the discussion in the Russian Telegram group.
• The mechanism of project implementation in the administrative group has been worked out in more details, the starting budget and methods of promotion of posts were elaborated.
• We have written the first two posts (with translations into a number of foreign languages in order to attract foreign readership) – those posts are detailing the mission and the mechanics of the project to the potential participants.

Hello, STEEMIT! Under #introduceyourself tag

All What You Wanted To Know About Russia And The Russians – is a more detailed description of the interactive mechanism of the project and serves as the invitation to participate for the new readers.

As can be seen from the lively comments, both posts attracted the primary attention of the readers and gave the first 87 subscribers (we asked the Russian-speaking audience to temporarily withhold from following @rusteem account so that we could manage to keep statistics objectively). There are many questions from readers which will become content base for a dozen of the upcoming posts. This will allow the later participants to observe and to try themselves in this game.

• A system of motivation for the sustainable continuation of this lively and engaging project has been developed for both foreign and Russian speaking participants.

3 - What is done today?

• The subsequent posts are being prepared for publication
• It’s planned to draw attention to the project in other social networks and mass media.
• The specific work is under way in order to consolidate the Russian Steemit community for a joint and efficient work.
• This letter is written to you, as an experienced member of Steemit, who can both give valuable advice and provide substantial support to our endeavors.

4 - How does the project add value to Steem?

• Our project creates a prototype of people's diplomacy on Steemit.
• This activity helps to get rid of the mental patterns / clichés that prevent the residents of a country from communicating widely with the outside audience / expatriates.
• It allows everyone to imaginary travel and study other cultures and countries that previously received insufficient or conflicting information from state or corporate media, from biased journalists, from speculations and rumors.
• It gives an opportunity for each and everyone on Steemit, being in a flow of decentralized blockchain, to show their competence and knowledge for the common good.
• It helps to become friends with the users living in other countries and to provide support for their interests, to have an unbiased view from the outside.

5 – What is the budget requested in Steem, SBD and / or USD?

What is the minimum amount we can start with financing?
In fact, we need information support - so that as many as possible participants of Steemit in different countries could learn about and take part in our project. As far as we understand, this is not always decided by getting into the TOP by a certain tag. Rather, we would be pleased with your support @jerrybanfield, to attract publicity to our project. We think that even a repost from your account will do more than a few hits in the TOP.

If there is an opportunity to support the @rusteem posts with your group member’s upvotes - this will already provide the necessary funding for motivating both the questioners and the responders.

Perhaps you will have some other, more detailed ideas about the possible support of the project. We will be glad to hear them.

6 – How will funding continue?

At this moment, the promotion of posts comes from personal contributions of the initiators of project and does not go beyond self-sufficiency. In the future, the funding will depend on the demand for this project on Steemit, as well as your valuable support.

Jerry and fellow Steemians, if you are still reading us at this point, on behalf of @rusteem we would like to thank you for your kind attention and time!

The Russian Steemit team:

@amalinavia text editor - - introduceyourself
@osoznanieedinogo the author of the idea, the Russian text, an interpreter in Spanish, German and other technical translations for which he apologizes ;) - introduceyourself
@afrosiab main interpreter, English - introduceyourself
@janna.bright translator, French - introduceyourself
@agnessa work with newbies - introduceyourself


Пусть все получится)

Пусть! =)

Балалайки-истребители, это конечно зачет))))

Что есть, тому и рады)))))

Fawning over a whale, huh? Pathetic, it's no different from vote begging, just on the bigger scale.

Well, dear @nameless-berk, before making such assertions, you should carefully read our post above, our targets and purpose of the project. Also you should acquaint yourself with the post of @jerrybanfield (https://steemit.com/steemit/@jerrybanfield/10-ways-to-fund-a-steem-growth-project) about promotion of projects that could bring overall value to Steemit community. Good luck!

I have read all of it before posting, of course. There are many curation and support teams that can do the same thing. But calling upon a particular user is different and in such actions I see the transition from anarchic community (that Steem was intended to be) to oligocracy, the transition you unwittingly support.
In any case, that's just my opinion that you can disregard.

In fact, all the initiators of this project are new to the platform. It would be constructive not to criticize the first appeal to the delegate on the form of project support offered by him, but to describe other possibilities that we simply do not know. So far it's like trolls.

Since when an adequate and argumented critique is trolling? I consider it a valueable input, unlike crap like "wow interesting amazing post" and such. Sure, not everybody will appreciate that, and I might seem rude for some, but that is what an honest and straight opinion looks like.

A man made a program to support good ideas, a man made an effort to let everyone know about his program

And here you appear!!! Mega-critic, who from the valuable has only his own opinion, which is of no interest to anyone, since he does not give anything useful to anyone. The same in practice is useless, like "wow interesting amazing post".

Хороший пост, Алина. Надеюсь, что русский Стимит найдёт единомышленников и помощников.

Спасибо) Мы тоже очень на это рассчитываем!

Какой хороший пост. Следуйте за мной и я последую за вами :D

Бегать же не обязательно?))

Не обязательно, но мне понравилось следовать за кем-то и когда за мной следовали в прошлую субботу). Я тут кстати есть на этом фото).

Здорово рисуете, Алина!

Спасибо)) Рисование - это жизнь =)

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Есть ли какой-то рекомендуемый тэг, который русские стимеры могли бы использовать в своих постах? На русском или на других языках…

Для русскоязычных текстов можно использовать slovo, для текстов (так или иначе) связанных с русскими на стимите можно rusteemteam (для любых языков). Есть еще теги ru и russia.

ru, насколько я понимаю, для русскоязычных постов. А russia для постов о России или связанных с Россией. Правильно?

Это логично. Писать можно rusteemteam , он к любому посту подходит))))

Удачи русскому Стимиту!

Спасибо! Вместе мы сила!

Отлично. Буду следить пристально и всячески помогать. От меня репост.

Wonderful interesting post .lovely

Thank you) Visit our blog @rusteem. This is an interactive account. Your activity would not only bring benefits to others, but could also generate some income for you. Subscription to this account, resteem of our post + a question in the comments section about Russia and the Russians will give you the opportunity to get a $ 2.5 upvote for your last post or comment, if your question is chosen for the topic of the next @rusteem post. And as additional advantage, you will receive many answers to your questions from the participants of Steemit Russia!

Давно пора вливаться в мировое сообщество. Уверен, что наша диаспора внесёт в стимит веселье и оригинальность )))

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