Well, dear @nameless-berk, before making such assertions, you should carefully read our post above, our targets and purpose of the project. Also you should acquaint yourself with the post of @jerrybanfield ( about promotion of projects that could bring overall value to Steemit community. Good luck!

I have read all of it before posting, of course. There are many curation and support teams that can do the same thing. But calling upon a particular user is different and in such actions I see the transition from anarchic community (that Steem was intended to be) to oligocracy, the transition you unwittingly support.
In any case, that's just my opinion that you can disregard.

In fact, all the initiators of this project are new to the platform. It would be constructive not to criticize the first appeal to the delegate on the form of project support offered by him, but to describe other possibilities that we simply do not know. So far it's like trolls.

Since when an adequate and argumented critique is trolling? I consider it a valueable input, unlike crap like "wow interesting amazing post" and such. Sure, not everybody will appreciate that, and I might seem rude for some, but that is what an honest and straight opinion looks like.

A man made a program to support good ideas, a man made an effort to let everyone know about his program

And here you appear!!! Mega-critic, who from the valuable has only his own opinion, which is of no interest to anyone, since he does not give anything useful to anyone. The same in practice is useless, like "wow interesting amazing post".

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