Even When You Lie to Me Book by Jessica Alcott

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Today's book review is on even when you lie to me by Jessica Alcott's I cannot be the only one noticing this current trend with student-teacher relationships in films and movies and now in books there seems to be this ongoing theme of people being intrigued by inappropriate relationships


if you are a fan of the forbidden teacher-student relationship this book is for you what if the way is Alcott differentiates this book from other yia novels on the shelf as well as the forbidden student-teacher relationships she breaks everything

down into months over the course of a singular school year so the reader knows everything as it's occurring there are never any lingering questions as to when something happened and a lot of this book has to do with timing I think it was really important to have this book

broken down into months because not only is it about the calendar school year but it's about timing everything about timing with age to timing when things occur with the narrative this book has to do with time so I thought that was a really interesting choice

stylistically this isn't necessarily a spoiler alert because this line takes place rather early on in the narrative I like you to Charlie he said even when you lie to me I really like the title of this book even when you lie to me because once you read the narrative

and then you reflect on the title I think you can break it down and really analyze it because it has to do with lying to yourself lying about your dreams lying about what you're capable of maybe you have a flood perspective maybe the person you're talking

to has a flawed perspective the word lie can be broken down to mean so many different things once you read this book I would love to know how she came up with this title because it is a line from the book but the way of lying isn't necessarily about trying to

misrepresent yourself to someone else you can't be lying to yourself too and so that's what I find really intriguing about this the title has to do with potentially lying to yourself about what you desire what your goals are what you hope to accomplish are you

trying to do this for someone else's benefit not your own I think the title is rather brilliant because once you read the narrative and then reflect on the title there are so many ways to then deconstruct the title and try and figure out what it means to you as

the reader I really appreciate the word lie in the title because I don't think to do it lying to someone else but lying to yourself and then you can take the lie as are you lying are you misinformed are you flawed there are so many ways to interpret this single word

I love that I really appreciate that I'm sure there are people watching this video making I'm totally over analyzing this particular title but this is what literature is this is what you can do with it it doesn't matter if it's a ye novel or a classic piece

of literature on everyone's top 100 books list you can't analyze and you can't interpret and so I think that's really something fun that I did with this book I was able to really analyze it more so than just enjoy the story not only did Alcott write about

a relationship sure about self-discovery forming relationships with students parental involvement friendships love having goals for yourself what you want for the future I really appreciate the fact that this was mmore

than just a forbidden love story I thought that made it a better read I ended up enjoying this book more so for those elements versus the relationship I'm not really a fan of forbidden student-teacher relationships I find them creepy and inappropriate.