[nextcolony] -6 랭크에서 벗어나다

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넥스트 코로니를 한지 일주일이 지난거같습니다
랭크87위까지 갔다가 100위밖으로벗어나게됐네요.
랭크의 기준은 자원 건물 레벨순인거같습니다
스킬렙이랑 랭크는 별개인가봅니다.
레벨이 오르면서 드는 자원이 기하급수적으로올라 부담이 많네요. 투자하지않는이상 빨리 렙업하기란 힘들거 같네요. 차츰차츰 시간을두고 해보려고합니다.

오늘 비가 너무많이오네요 다들 운전 조심하세요^^


Thank you for considering investing your precious resources in JJM. JJM is a token based on steem-engine.com using a side chain of Steem. With a holding Steem Power of 500K SP owned and bought from @virus707, this SP is used in combination with JJM tokens to upvote, reward and distribute dividends out of the JJM project to JJM token holders.

!bookkeeping magic-dice

Please use one of the following keywords after !bookkeeping:

drugwars steemmonsters magicdice steemslotgames steembet moonsteem

!bookkeeping magicdice

Hi @backjungmin!



  • 99151.734 STEEM
  • 0.000 STEEM from referral
  • 0.000 STEEM from delegation
  • 0.000 STEEM from dividends
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  • 96851.211 STEEM
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  • 2300.523 STEEM

@backjungmin dear still waiting for you ans . plz


Hello brother , brother yesterday i lost 1100 steem in dice Game , Can you help me to recover my steem please :( i really shall be thankful to you forever . please