Indictment Unsealed John McAfee no longer missing where is the 31 terabyte deadman’s switch?

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John McAfee was missing where is the 31 terabyte deadman’s switch?


U.S. indicts anti-virus software creator John McAfee for tax evasion
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(Reuters) - Federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment on Monday against John David McAfee, creator of the eponymous anti-virus software, over charges that he evaded taxes and willfully failed to file tax returns.

Keep in mind McAfee promised he would drop his dead mans switch if he was ever arrested or went missing. He allegedly has a 31 gig hdd full of incriminating evidence that he needs to drop because he was picked up in Spain a little while ago. I have tagged and DM'd his wife Janice about it but nothing yet. McAfee also moonlighted as drone master Rusty Shackleford too so I know he's got what he claims he has. Might be a reason they finally unsealed him too.

John McAfee missing & the 31 terabyte deadman’s switch