John McCain: A quick look from the loadmaster.

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I lived in Arizona for over a decade, and during that time I got to know John McCain a bit. I was in charge of loading the Straight Talk Express during his 2008 campaign run. I was in awe how this old guy could keep up this schedule and always put a smile on for the cameras.

It really was a media circus, over half the stuff we loaded was camera gear for the on-board media. John was pretty good with me, other than the time he almost hit me with his SUV (my fault I guess? Well he thought it was my fault)
But I imagine the stress of the campaign could wear on a persons patience.

That summer was hot (every summer in Phoenix is hot) but we all worked hard to try and get the plane loaded and keep everyone happy. The press even got some special treatment as we were use to treating everyone like VIP's at the corporate terminal. (Sir can I take your camera, would you like anything before going onboard?) It just was second nature to people like us, we were trained to do anything and everything) Hell I even once drove Deion Sanders to MCdonalds cause he was hungry and didn't want "airport food" In corporate aviation everyone is special and no task is too large.

I think after the campaign we were all happy it was over. So much red tape. Secret Service on the ramp, Air Force One coming in ; of course the president had to come in to show support for McCain. All around it was a busy summer for us.

He at least was always clear about what he needed and wanted so that made my job a bit easier.

Anyway here are some pics from that summer.

ME with the on-board cut out of McCain (This thing always made me laugh because it stared back at the press section of the plane!)

It was a hot summer to work on this plane!

Heading inside

Loading in the Straight Talk Express