The Journey 1 - What is Crypto Anarchy and why we need it.

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I have been mostly silent on the web. downloaded and messing with stuff. The more this thing grows the more I see it intersecting the real world. The potential there is very real.

So now I am going to start intputting. I have decided here as the place to begin this massive spillover of knowledge and ideas I have been hoarding. Thanks

The internet is a very open and public place with much insecurities, which allows for lots of tracking. The encryption of all this data is coming and it's here in some cases when it revolves around money usually. Our data is a precious commodity yet we see it not as one. with it, we can be more easily controlled. Why does this matter? well, because there are those trying to control us of course, for money usually, but also for direct manipulation, making us avoid certian topics and areas or directing the flow of information so much to create destructive lifestyles which profit a few. Fortunately people, in geneeral do seem to trend toward helping those suffering. Sometimes the suffering isn't so apparent. Sometimes, we are made to beleive our suffering will somehow make us stronger, either individually or collectivly. In small, personal matter this can be somewhat true depending on how you look at life, but therein lies the problem. We have been taught to look a tlife different ways, what is suffereing to one may not be to another in these small ways.
With this natural tendecy that MOST have, our society can regulate itself for most matters, especially at the community and local level, in that they do not need arbitration or regulation from far away, but rather protection from exploitation, for is that not the true goal of the state, to protect the interests of all the poeple against foreign powers?
Yet alas, be it by foreign intervention or the few that find greed and a lust for power and money, the methods protection in our society are used as methods of control. So much conrtol over the information means that people are not informed entirely on the true situations of the world, for "their protection" of course.
This is why anarchy is important, there must be spaces in our society and lives that is free from any form of regulation and I know many would agree, the example the free market is anarchy at its core.
The lack of rulers in many instances can be benefitial for the flow or energy of tasks to be realized at maximum potential. That doesn't mean that there is no rules, but that everyone in the system has a common goal, knows what it is and is cooperative to achieve this goal.
These dynamics are hindered by power structures, especially in an honest, and informative group. The challenges the group faces would be handled with assertion by the person who is most qualitfied.
Sub for more I will continue tomorrow!

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